Your Third Eye Chakra & Your Health – Intuition, Awareness & H…

We are all born with two eyes and although our degrees of sight may be different from one person to another, we are nevertheless able to say that yes, we have two eyes and we can see “this” well.

So how much better do you think you could see if you had been given a third eye?

What do you think could change?  Would you be able to see better?  More clearly?  Do you imagine yourself being given some sort of super-human vision or skill with this third eye?

The good news is that you have already been gifted with a third eye.  This additional eye is in the form of Ajna, your sixth chakra or energy center.  Appropriately enough, your Third Eye is located between and just above your eyebrows and is considered to be the seat of wisdom and the home of your intuition and imagination.

And truly, by being given this additional eye, you are indeed given a very special, almost super-human skill and that is of the gift of intuition- the place where you can link up your intellectual and your psychic abilities.

(Minus the crystal ball references, of course.)

Your intuition is appropriately called your sixth sense- after sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing, your five senses- and also because it is intimately involved with your sixth chakra.  There are amazing connections that are already accepted in our every day lives when it comes to the wisdom of the chakra system- the first step is always awareness of it.

Awareness is the second gift of the Third Eye chakra.

We are given awareness as a way to see things more clearly, see situations more completely and be able to make conscious and appropriate decisions from that point of view.

But these gifts sound like they can be a lot of pressure.

Living by intuition and awareness sounds almost like you’re signing yourself up for a holier than thou existence.

And because of that, imbalance in this chakra can manifest itself as second guessing yourself, nervousness, flightiness, headaches, eye, ear, nose and sinus conditions, hormonal imbalances, insomnia and nervous disorders.  Depression can also be a consequence of an imbalanced Third Eye chakra.

Another interesting side effect of imbalance could be a dissatisfaction with the position quo or stagnation, especially in the career sector of your life.

Its almost as if your body knows that you are not quite in touch with your intuition or your awareness is not where it could be and because of that, it shows up as an undercurrent and almost sneaky pain or dissatisfaction.

Most headaches, eye, ear, nose or sinus infections take a little bit of time to brew.  This can relate directly to the slow disintegration of what is going on inside your head.

Take a look and see, really see, what is going on in your life.

Where are you satisfied?  Where are you dissatisfied?

Are you having problems focusing or concentrating?  Do you feel nervous, flighty or confused?

Do you feel disconnected with what you’re doing on a day to day basis?  If so, in what aspects?

Can you see how all of the above is directly related to our health?

It’s not enough to feel the headache, to feel the sinus infection or to feel disconnected to your ecosystem, you must also act on it.

Imagine this, balance here method clarity of thought, a strong sense of direction and devotion, a strong imagination, a strong sense of self-realization and a balanced nervous and endocrine system.

If something feels off here, then the whole body feels it.

The Third Eye chakra can feel almost like the nerve center of the brain because, well, it truly is.

So how do we go about working with imbalances here?  How can we incorporate these concepts into greater health?

There are a few very simple suggestions that I have for the Third Eye, many of which require you to be quiet and alone with your thoughts.  If you find it incredibly difficult to do so, then I will also give you a suggestion for that.

Yoga and meditation are the fast track options towards a more balanced Third Eye chakra.  However, this does not average that the time of action is quick or painless.  Both will stir up a lot of issues, both past and present, and will need to be taken with that in mind.

Journaling your thoughts is another option, especially if you find it hard to quiet your mind.  It is also helpful for working by any of the issues that yoga or meditation bring up.

If you find it hard to be alone with your thoughts, may I suggest a guided meditation or a guided playbook.  Since you are being told to do something or imagine something, the brain is able to come out of protective, defensive mode and open itself up to slowing down and relaxation.

The meaningful here is the nervous system.  If your body is put on the defensive, your nervous system will be amped up and will find it difficult to get out of emergency mode.

But if you can find a way to quiet the mind, to slow the nervous system down and return to homeostasis, then you will find that health by this chakra is as simple as relaxation.

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