You Cannot Spray Them – How to Deal With Human Pests

You Cannot Spray Them – How to Deal With Human Pests

In Northern Kentucky pest control is an issue like anywhere else. Across the river, pest control is an issue like anywhere else. Pest control is the time of action of removing the vermin, animals and insects that damage valuable character, or bring discomfort to our way of life. One of the dominant methods of controlling pests is by creating barriers that keep them from gaining access to the ecosystem or to our character. This is a lesson that can be easily carried over to our day to day life. Most people have friends and acquaintances that offer sustain and camaraderie. Many people also interact with associates, family or friends that bring discomfort and sometimes damage into their life. Learning to cope with these intrusions is not that different from control pests.

Termites can exist in a building causing damage long before the presence is noticed. The same is true of certain personalities and associates that people encounter. A mother may continually mention how well the neighbors son is doing, what a great doctor he has become. The comment may chew at the beams that sustain self-esteem, the implied unspoken message being your without of obvious success. Maybe the boss is regularly finding the little typos in every well researched and incredibly bright report submitted. Unlike termites, you can’t poison these people, but the foundation they attack can be strengthened.

Most of the attacks on ones self-esteem can be easily defended like a bright Akido move that takes the energy of the attacker and transforms it into something harmless and may already throw the attacker off balance. If someone says or does something that sting, the first question should always concern why the comment or action caused a reaction. If a comment offends, then either it is because they have hit upon a truth that needs to be addressed, or it is because there is more value placed on their opinion then ones own.

A person in complete integrity with their values will not hear criticism in a comment, but instead hear a suggestion they can use to enhance or a piece of advice that holds no value and may already be seen as amusing. Nothing throws off a critic more then a serious accounting of their suggestion. An athlete intent on improving their game takes the coaches comments as guidance and motive. If the boss is hung up on the typos, a person with low self-esteem may feel inadequate while a person focused on the big picture may quickly turn the tables by acknowledging the typos as a simple problem easy to correct and asking the boss for suggestions to enhance the content and not the form. Suddenly the boss is redirected to deal with the important issues and drop the petty stuff.

When a person operates out of their own integrity and strives to do their best they develop immunity to others petty behavior and average spirited comments. By focusing on the goals or ones own values, the pesky intrusion of others loses its sting. already if the neighbors boy is a successful Doctor you can always tell your mother, “good for him, I hope he is as happy and content with his life as I am”.

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