World Cup 2011: speed Of Wankhede Work Irks ICC

World Cup 2011: speed Of Wankhede Work Irks ICC

There’s a question mark on the staging of the ICC World Cup final at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium, as scheduled.

The International Cricket Conference (ICC) is unhappy with the rate of renovation work at the Wankhede, in the run up to the event.

If the work is not completed by January 15, there’s a possibility of shifting the games scheduled to be held at the Wankhede to different venues. The Wankhede has been allotted three games, including the final, on April 2.

Kolkata’s Eden Gardens and some Sri Lankan venues are also behind schedule with repair work ahead of the 2011 event that begins on February 19.

According to ICC’s stadium consultant, Prof Eugene van Vuuren, the work at the Wankhede and Eden Gardens is doubtful to be completed before the end of January and that would put undue pressure on the ICC which needs to finalise venues on January 31.

In terms of the original great number Agreement signed by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, construction work at venues was to be completed by November 30, a deadline that’s long gone.

The ICC sent an assessment team led by Chris Tetley at the end of November, and the team has filed an interim report on the preparedness of the various chosen venues.

A re-inspection of the Mumbai and Kolkata venues is likely to take place in January, and if there’s no possibility of completion of the work underway, by January 15, the ICC might have to take a call on shifting matches allotted to these venues to other viable ones.

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