Windows Vista Upgrade Failure May Cause Partition Loss


Are you unable to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista from an earlier version of Windows operating system? Does upgrade course of action fails halfway and you can not access your system in either of the Windows version? This behavior may occur due to unsupported file system on the hard excursion. In such situations, both Vista and earlier versions become unbootable. It renders all your hard excursion partitions far away and cause serious partition loss situations. In order to retrieve lost Windows partitions, Partition Recovery becomes need of the hour.

In a functional scenario, you may encounter the below error message while trying to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista from an earlier version of Windows operating system:

“Upgrade has been disabled.
To upgrade Windows, your hard disk partition must be formatted as NTFS. To reformat the partition, cancel the installation, open the Command Prompt window, and then kind: transform c: /fs:ntfs”

This error message occurs in “Install Windows” dialog box. After the above error, upgrade course of action is halted.

Root of the issue

This behavior of Microsoft Windows may occur when you try to upgrade a version of Microsoft Windows, which is installed on FAT32 file system partition. Windows Vista needs that the hard excursion partition, on which you’re installing it, must be formatted using NTFS file system.


In order to sort out this behavior of Windows Vista, you need to transform your file system from FAT32 to NTFS. Go by the underwritten steps to transform file system:

· Click Start button, Click Run, kind CMD (to start command prompt) and then click OK button.

· At command prompt, kind transform :/FS:NTFS. Here is the name of excursion, whose file system you want to transform.

· Upon successful completion of the conversion course of action, reboot Windows Vista Setup.

You must play safely while converting the file system. Any interruption in the conversion course of action, due to strength failure, system crash, or user mistake, may make your system unusable. You should create a complete backup before proceeding for it, to prevent need of Windows Partition Recovery.

You can retrieve Partition in a quick and perfect way by Partition Recovery Software. The applications are particularly designed to perform thorough examine of complete hard excursion and extract all lost, missing, deleted, corrupted, or far away partitions. They have simple user interface and read-only conduct to ensure simple and safe recovery.

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