Will a TASER Device Kill a Person Wearing a Pacemaker?

Will a TASER Device Kill a Person Wearing a Pacemaker?

With the onset of self defense devices availability, more people are becoming confident and assured about their safety and self protection. Carrying a personal protection device gives you the courage to walk to your car at night leaving all the fears of being attacked behind. You can have a fun time camping out with your family and friends without fear of being harassed or assaulted by strangers. The bottom line is carrying a self defense device wherever you go will definitely give you the confidence in the security it provides.

The TASER device is one of the most popular choices among police authorities and private individuals. It is a non lethal electroshock weapon that uses electricity to temporarily incapacitate an attacker. This device chiefly roles by creating neuromuscular incapacitation, which method that it disrupts the ability of the brain to control the muscles in the body. This creates an instantaneous and unavoidable incapacitation that is not based on pain and cannot be conquer.

One of the most shared questions regarding the use of a TASER device is its safety. This technology uses high voltage and low amperage system. High voltage is not dangerous in itself at all. The high-voltage pulse of a TASER device is said to carry only a small amount of current, typically 0.002 to 0.03 amps making it undeniably safe to use. When delivered, it will not cause any long-lasting damage on the muscles, nerves or heart of a person. It only works to make your attacker lose all control and coordination of his body. consequently, helping you escape and seek for help.

Is it more dangerous to people with pacemakers?

A myth that is most unrelenting is the danger that may be caused by a TASER device to a person with a pacemaker. Studies show that the TASER device will not interrupt a person’s heartbeat nor will it damage a pacemaker. Its electrical output is way below the safe levels required to cause a cardiac arrest, or to injure the implantable heart device.

A modern pacemaker is produced to resist the strength of an electrical defibrillator that produces about 300 joules of energy. The TASER device creates less than one joule of energy. A person with a pacemaker can consequently survive already after being shot by the TASER device.

The TASER device has been used about a million times without causing a single death. The reported deaths are attributable to its improper usage, not the device itself. It must be taken into consideration that ANY weapon (not just the TASER device) has the possible to kill if not used the right way. A person’s pre-existing medical condition may also be a factor.

It is however applicable to ponder on this now:

Protecting yourself and your family should be on top of your list. Worrying about the effect the TASER device might have on your attacker is totally impossible. After all, in using a TASER device, would you rather be concerned if your attacker has a disease of some sort that would cause him great harm or be alarmed that your life (or your family’s) is in danger?

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