When Do Termites Become Active?

When Do Termites Become Active?

You should be concerned year round! Termites are active in the winter especially in Florida with our warm climate. Termites do not go into a state of hibernation during the winter months like some pests do, Termites need to keep their daily routine by each season. An average termite colony can consume up to 16 grams per day (0.08 mg per termite) or 12.9 pounds in a year!

Termites are less active in the winter and the termites that do not seek shelter in time may not make it by the season of cold temperatures. However your home is the shelter they seek and becomes a great resource for warmth and food. Termites will find shelter from the cold in the foundations and walls of your home.

Catching an infestation in the winter would work to the homeowner’s advantage since the swarm season is right around the corner which is the reproductive time for termites. With the combination of rain and warm weather spring and summer are typically swarm season. Seeing termite swarms is a sure sign of termites being present in a surrounding area, finding mud tubes or tunnels are in addition. At the rate termites copy an infestation or colony should be handled closest to reduce the amount of damage and the size of the population.

Protect your character! Have your home inspected by a certified termite exterminator on a yearly basis. A termite colony is capable of reaching maturity after 2 years.

When calculating if termites are present there are many signs including:

-Sagging of floors or ceilings

-Wood when tapped on sounds hollow

-Discoloring of ceiling

-Crumbling wood of any structure kind

-Peeling or bubbling of paint on walls

-Windows or doors become easily jammed

Florida is commonly encountered with Subterranean Termites, Dry wood Termites, Damp wood Termites and Formosan Termites. Here are some colony size and characteristics for Florida termites:

-Subterranean Termites: The colony consists of workers, soldiers, queen, and king. The colony typically exists under soil and will keep up 60,000 to 1 million termites. They will build mud tubes or tunnels from the soil upward to where they can satisfy. These tubes also help keep the termite protected from weather conditions and the sun.

-Dry Wood Termites: Colony population is low averaging 4,800 termites; the population includes nymphs, soldiers, queen and king. These termites build their colony within wood structures. They can swarm in spring and summer. They keep active during winter.

-Damp Wood Termites: The colony is made up of soldiers, nymphs, queens, and king. They are not typically found with structures, they require damp wood to survive.

-Formosan Termites: This species of termites is on average ten times larger than the subterranean termite colony population size. The soldier Formosan Termites can reach a size of 350,000 to 2 million termites.

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