What the Gas Tax Holiday method for North Texas Drivers – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

What the Gas Tax Holiday method for North Texas Drivers – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

If seeing gas prices is like knowing the temperature, then that feeling you get when you fill up right now is a lot like the humidity on a North Texas summer day, inescapable and stifling.

President Joe Biden is said to be considering a gas tax holiday, which would suspend the federal gas tax and lower prices at the pump by 18.4 cents per gallon of gas.

The rising costs across the country, including here, is the reason. On Monday, North Texas drivers are filling up at about $4.79 per gallon, 14 cents higher than the state average at $4.65 but about 20 cents lower than the national average which sits at just under $5 per gallon at $4.98

“I average, it’s ridiculous. I excursion trucks, so the diesel fuel is already higher,” said Gaylon Harrison of Dallas

“Costs well over 100 and I’ve never paid over 100 dollars to fill my truck up, ever,” R.J. Manuel of Royse City said. “It’s getting out of hand.”

Biden said he’ll make a decision by this weekend whether to suspend the gas tax but it will require congressional approval and that is far from certain.

The federal gas tax rate has remained unchanged since 1993.

Daniel Armbruster with AAA Texas says while already the slightest easing of prices may sound welcome, suspending the federal gas tax would come at a cost too.

The federal gas tax is the dominant funding source to pay for infrastructure projects like roads, bridges and overpasses.

“It might save drivers a little bit at the pump but in the long run it’s going to really have a possible to impact infrastructure funding,” Armbruster said.

AAA adds, that at this point, it does not forecast gas prices declining by peak summer travel months.

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