What kind of Gazebo is Right for You?  Top Questions You Need to Ask

What kind of Gazebo is Right for You? Top Questions You Need to Ask

Having a gazebo in the backyard is an excellent way to enhance

the turn up while providing you with a quiet place to sit and

relax after a hard day at work. Gazebos are wonderful for

barbecue parties, family gatherings, or simply sipping on a cup

of coffee or glass of lemonade on a lazy day. To create a

romantic setting, you could string miniature lights along the

railing and roof of the gazebo and then use time with someone

special out under the stars. Because of their popularity, the

number of gazebo sales is rising. However, as with any

investment, you want to make sure you choose the right kind.

For that reason, consider the top five questions you should ask.

Can gazebos resist strong winds?

If you live in a part of the country inclined to high winds

(Chicago), then this is a very important question to ask. If

the gazebo is constructed properly, it will keep up up already in

windy conditions. The reason is that the gazebo canopy is

designed with a wind vent that releases strong wind pressure.

In addition, your gazebo would be anchored securely at the

vertical points so the base, whether wood, stone, or concrete,

is substantial. Finally, gazeboes are heavy. For example, an 11-foot

form will typically weigh between 325 and 350 pounds.

Will my gazebo have a bug screen?

When shopping around for a gazebo, remember that not all include

the price of screens to keep out little creatures. consequently,

if you want a screen, you need to consider two things, first,

the additional cost and second, the weight. In other words,

make sure your kind of gazebo is designed to manager the screen

if you decide to add one on at a later date.

How is the foundation floor secured?

This is also an important question to ask since not all gazeboes

are produced equal. Most gazebos are erected on a foundation

such as wood deck, concrete slab, or paver patio. in any case

surface you choose, the gazebo will need to be anchored. For

the wood gazebo, screws can be run by the bottom plate of

the wall section and then into the deck. For concrete, you

would drill by the bottom plate and then into the concrete,

using concrete anchors. Then for the paver bricks, you want to

use a concrete pier that is raised to the height of the paver

brick for each of the corners.

What choices do I have for size?

Most gazebo manufacturers make three specific sizes. First, you

have the smaller size, which measures 7.5 x 6.5-feet, followed

by the family size that is 11 x 9.5-feet, and finally, the grand

size that is 18 x 15.5-feet. Now keep in mind that you can also

buy plans to build your own gazebo or hire a specialized to

construct one that is custom made if you want a smaller or

larger size. Additionally, with these options, you can add

features that you might not get with a standard kind gazebo,

such as windows, special molding, wider steps, benches, and so


What are the advantages of the different kind material?

The last of the five questions to ask when considering a gazebo

has to do with material. In most situations, three types of material

are used, which include pine, cedar, and vinyl. For the pine,

this is pressure treated and extremely strong. Because of that,

it will last a lifetime and most are guaranteed against termite

and decay damage. Cedar is also a very popular choice in that it

looks beautiful and is naturally resistant to termites and decay.

However, the cedar generally looks nicer when stained or painted

so there would be minor upkeep. Finally, vinyl is a low

maintenance material that is strong and sometimes covered with

treated pine. That method while you pay less for a vinyl gazebo,

you nevertheless get the beauty and sound structure of the pine option.

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