What is My Karmic Fate For Murder?

What is My Karmic Fate For Murder?

Someone anonymously presented this question to the spiritual guru from India. I have committed murder and I want to know my fate not from some general or typical answer that can be found on line or in an average book on the subject. I want to know the real answer.

The master says ” When apprehended for murder under human law, the murderer may be executed but if the murderers guilt goes undetected he is free. However under the all-seeing judiciary of cosmic law, the heavenly ordinance of karmic causation goes into effect and there is no escape possible. Those who have not been caught for breaking the laws should not consider themselves free or innocent. From the very inception when the murder was committed the evil crime couches itself in the consciousness of the perpetrator as a karmic-effect impression that foretells inescapable justice. Most important and mostly misunderstood the killer will not necessarily be murdered by another individual; the corollary law of karma does not average that the tribunal of cosmic law will sentence according to the verdict rule of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth or the policy of tit for tat.” Instead, for failing to act according to the law there is a subconsciously present inner terror of the consequences which comes by the murderer’s conscience: “Thou shall not kill, do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Now the murderer is turned inward and haunted with the mental terror of the loss of life and physical pain forced upon his victim. If he does not try to satisfy his conscience by turning himself in to the law, then, if he does not give himself up and goes scott-free in his current life, he will in his next incarnation take within his subconscious mind a karmic ticking bomb with the inclination of murdering, along with the subconscious worry of being murdered himself. Under the circumstances of violent emotion or the strength of anger, that inclination bomb may detonate and blow up into a recurring capricious homicidal desire while he in fact, would be slain. The conditions of his decline would not be the judgment from the tribunal of cosmic law that govern every single human action, but from his last criminal act and rather, he himself would have attracted his own death from his own wrong actions brought upon from habit seed tendencies accumulated from the past.

Anyone who’s bad habits are deeply-seated feels caught and helpless in the diabolical tentacles of their doomed bad habits and are fearing the performance of those deadly actions from reaping the sorrowful results in spite of of their longing to reform. These are words of warning for those who become complacent and assume themselves as rightfully virtuous and obtain. This article solely deals with man’s pre-astral life on earth. For information on man’s afterlife, read the article “The Great Spiritual Masters Exact Description Of Heaven and Hell or What’s The Fate Of Those With Wicked Karma?”

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