What Is Conscious Creation?


Conscious creation, also known as Law of allurement, is the belief that each of us create our own reality. These two Metaphysical terms are defined similarly and are often interchanged with the scientific term–Quantum Physics. The principles of Conscious Creation/Law of allurement suggest that what you focus on consistently with great emotion and with the most principal belief is truly what manifests in your life. In simple terms –thoughts become things.

Quantum physics is the branch of physics which provides us with the description of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior and interaction of matter and energy. In simpler terms in comparison to the definition of Law of allurement, thoughts are energy. The energy of our thoughts combines with emotion and principal belief. This combination affects what is attracted to us and determines what manifests into our lives. Our thoughts do create things. We are the creator of our lives.

What we need to keep in mind here is that everything is energy including our thoughts. We also need to keep in mind that there is a huge misperception that anything with form is a substantial mass. If we were to put any physical item under a high powered microscope and view it, we would see that truly the mass is not a substantial at all. substantial form is an optical illusion. What truly is occurring is that atoms are vibrating and slamming into one another creating the illusion of a substantial mass.

To help you to understand the Law of allurement theory a little better, I would like to use how an echo roles as an example. We know that an echo imitates a sound or a wave and then returns the sound or wave back to its original source.

Your thoughts are energy. When you consistently focus your thoughts, they travel outward like an echo into the Quantum field of the Universe. Once the Universe receives the wave of thought signal, it returns the signal back to its original source in the form of a physical manifestation.

If you are confused about what it is exactly I am saying to you, II will try to clear it up with a true story:

I always cut out and/or collect pictures of people, places, things, or experiences I desire. I keep the pictures on some sort of vision board whether it is a physical board or an electronic form of a vision board. There is one particular person I have on my vision board that I not only wanted to meet but also wanted the opportunity to use some time with, in a more intimate setting where I would have the freedom to ask him anything. I also thought how exciting it would be to see his house. The person that I am referring to is Mr. John Assaraf.

John describes himself as an entrepreneur, researcher, and explorer of consciousness and human behavior. He is also most noted for his turn up in the movie “The Secret” where he talks about how he manifested the house of his dreams and didn’t already realize he was living in it. This is the exact house I wanted to see for myself. Consistently every day, I would focus on the items on my vision board. I would imagine myself talking with John and enjoying his company as we sat comfortably in his living room. I felt the enjoyment, the fun, the excitement in my body as I visualized this on a daily basis. One day when I was writing on my Facebook wall, I noticed an ad from I-Grasshopper. They were offering a course called Quantum Transformation for a really reasonable price. I am not one for clicking on ads but I felt really drawn to click on the ad and so I did.

I did not know it at the time but the instructors, of the course were truly friends with John Assaraf. I was so excited when I learned John would be a guest on one of the conference calls. I already got to personally say hello to John on the call and have a fleeting interaction with him as he asked where I was calling in from. I was so thrilled! I was already more excited when we were told that a small group of us were going to be given the opportunity to meet John at his house and use the day with him. And, you guessed it… What I focused on consistently with great positive emotion and faith was sent out to the Universe as an echo; the Universe returned to me as a physical manifestation of my desire. I got to not only meet John Assaraf but also use the day with him in an intimate setting which was located in the very house he spoke of in the movie, “The Secret”. Thoughts do create things!

Imagine your thoughts as if they were a person sitting in the driver’s seat of a car. Thoughts are what “excursion” you. The emotions behind a thought represent the gas pedal. In other words, emotions are the accelerator. Consistently thinking about something would be your “focus”. Your focus is your directional navigation. In other words what direction are you steering your thoughts? Are you focused on what you desire or more so on what you without? The greater the emotion is behind a thought, the faster the manifestation shows up in your reality.

If you want to know exactly what your emotionally charged consistent focus has been, observe your surroundings. Notice what is in your reality. What have you observed? Are there things in your life right now that you do not want? Are there things you would like to change? Are there things you have been struggling with for a very long time? Please understand as you are noticing the things that you do not want, do not estimate them or yourself. Judging only places more focus on what you do not want and gives more energy flow to the things you do not want. Take the stance that nothing is good or bad; it is just where you are right now based on a past thought. The exciting news is a thought can be changed!

We are always in a continuous stream of creation. Everything in your life has been produced from a thought from your past–a thought can be changed. consequently it is possible in theory that you can change your past and create a new reality just by the simple act of “changing your mind”.

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