Way of the Turtle – How Ordinary People Became Millionaire Traders


I read this story over 25 years ago and it nevertheless inspires me – How did ordinary people (with no trading experience), learn to trade in just 14 days and make hundreds of millions of dollars?

Curtis Faith was one of these traders in Way of the Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into mythical Traders he outlines how and it’s simply a great, educational and inspiring read.

If you have never heard of the turtle experiment here is some background:

mythical trader Richard Dennis was convinced that anyone could learn to trade – if they had the right mindset and the right method.

He set out to prove it.

In just 14 days, he taught a group of people of all ages, both sexes and of varying educational abilities to trade -the end consequence?

They made him over $100 million in just 4 years and many went onto become trading legends.

The experiment proved conclusively

Anyone can learn to trade but if course 95% of traders don’t win, not because they can’t but because they underestimate the discipline that is needed to win.

Anyone can learn a trading method but the hard part is applying it with discipline when you hit a losing streak. If you can’t continue trading with discipline, then you have no method.

Way Of The Turtle

Curtis Faith in Way of The Turtle explains just about everything you need to know about the experiment from an insiders perspective (he was one of the most successful turtles), why trading appears so easy and why success is so hard to unprotected to.

Faith tells us, there is no secret to trading success its all down to a simple method executed with discipline and this has always been the case.

All systems lose and when they do you must stay on track and stay with it.

Successful traders analyze markets to find an edge, then keep disciplined enough to pursue that edge and keep their emotions in check.

He knows what he is talking about to, as he made $30 million as a trader.

Curtis Faith writes concisely and clearly and describes what an effective trading system should contain, what its chief part parts are and he of course makes reference to the Turtle trading system.

If you are looking for a short cut to trading success or looking to discover some secrets, you will be disappointed – but if you want sound advice, from a trader who has walked the walk and done it – Way of the Turtle is an inspirational book.

Curtis Faith and the Turtles made millions after just 14 days training – could you?

Maybe not, life simply isn’t like that – but the opportunity is there and maybe just maybe…

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