Various Jobs With Asbestos Exposure Risks

Various Jobs With Asbestos Exposure Risks

With all the talk of asbestos and the serious health risks that it presents, it may surprise you to know that there are various jobs that have a risk of exposure to asbestos. already though new homes today are nearly always built without the use of asbestos-containing products, there are workers that are nevertheless at risk.


Many people are involved with the insulations of homes and businesses have an increased risk of having exposed to asbestos because many were built when asbestos was commonly used for insulation. These include:

Block insulation pipe coverings
Cement-containing asbestos
Attic and wall insulation

When these old insulation materials are moved or disturbed, the chance of exposure to the deadly toxins associated with asbestos increase.

strength Plants or Refineries

Many old strength plants and refineries were built exclusively with asbestos, which method much of the asbestos nevertheless exists today. If these areas are disturbed in any way within these strength plants, the risks of being exposed to asbestos rise.

Construction Industry

Those involved with construction are higher at risk because asbestos was used for both commercial and home-building materials. Some of these include:

Plaster, several patching products
Joint compounds also contained asbestos

Plumbers and pipe fitters

Many pipes and insulation products in some of the buildings were made with asbestos products. Asbestos was a very shared ingredient was used because, at the time, it was thought that it was a valuable product. Few knew of the serious health risks at the time.


Those miners who mine for talc and vermiculite are at a very high risk of exposure to asbestos because of the poor ventilation within the mines. Dust that continually is within the mine combined with the without of proper breathing apparatus raises the risk. It comes as no surprise that miners of talc and vermiculite have a higher incidence of mesothelioma than other types of miners.

Automobile Mechanics

Many mechanics were exposed to asbestos due to brake pads, shoes, clutch lining and discs that were all commonly made with asbestos. Mechanics often did not use any kind of protective gear but were regularly disturbing the asbestos, which put them in great danger of continually being exposed to the toxic fibers.

Many of the workers who became ill later became ill as a direct consequence of their daily exposure to asbestos. While many workers received compensation, this did not give them back the quality of life that they had before being exposed. The problem at the time was that no one truly knew the dangers of asbestos. In fact, it was a highly recognized and recommended product to use in both homes and businesses.

Final Thoughts

If you were exposed to asbestos and are now struggling with an illness directly related to asbestos exposure, you may want to contact an attorney to find out your rights.

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