Using The Mobius Ring To Understand God

“That which is below is from that which is above, working the miracles of one.” –Emerald tablet of Hermes

Many spiritual concepts that have long been a part of holy geometry are consummated in the Mobius ring. A Mobius strip can be produced from cutting out an eleven (11″) inch long by one (1″) inch wide strip of paper from a standard (8.5″) by (11″) inch sheet. Twist one end one-half (1/2) a turn and then join the two ends together. What you end up with is a ring that has only one side, and you can prove this by drawing a line all the way along the one side and you will finish up on the same side where you started the line in the first place.

Knowing that there is no distinction between the inside and outside of the ring, but only one, long, continuous side, one can realize the oneness in all things and that God produced everything from Himself, never from something other than or different from Himself. Materialistic thinkers, under the illusion of separation, tend to not be aware of the one energy behind all creation, and consequently keep under the sway of good and evil.

What Happens When You Cut all the Way around the Middle of the Mobius Strip?

Cut along the middle of the Mobius strip all along the same path as the line you drew along the center. Instead of getting two strips, you will end up with a much longer strip that twists itself into an infinity symbol! This again illustrates the illusion of separateness, and all that appears to be outside one’s self, is really the same thing as that which is within you. You (the observer) and the observed infinite universe all around and about you, are truly two sides of the same thing, only viewed from a different angle!

Cut along the Mobius Strip a Third Time!

Try cutting along the middle of the strip a third time and see what happens. This time, if you cut all the way around, instead of along the center and for symbolic purposes, cut two-thirds (2/3) over to the side so that one side is one-third (1/3) wide and the other side is two-thirds (2/3) of the original thickness, you end up with two (2) separate thinner loops, however interlocked with each other that look like two (2) infinity signs, one thinner than the other, both having the same length of the original infinity symbol.

What does all this average? The broader ring would stand for the infinity of the Creator, or the unmanifested Infinite Father, beyond space and time. The thinner ring, effortlessly and perfectly aligned with the broader ring, stands for the manifested creation itself along with all its creatures and other living things, which is in itself quite great and endless, but not quite as strong as the infinity of the Creator Himself!

I never imagined so much cosmic meaning and spiritual insight could be found within the Mobius ring! The design of the Mobius ring can also be found in holy jewelry, fashioned from either gold or silver to help remind us of who we truly are.

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