Use StumbleUpon to Increase Web Traffic

StumbleUpon is a popular social bookmarking site. Currently it has over 15 million users and the number is on the rise. It is totally free to join.

When you sign up you will be presented with a tool bar. Install it on your browser. All major browsers are supported.

You can increase web traffic to your site or to you blog considerably if you follow the steps listed below. People everywhere rely on this resource to increase web traffic to their site.

Now the question is how you can use StumbleUpon to your assistance. When you sign up, you will find that StumbleUpon has a recommendation system. The recommendation system is based upon the personal preference of users. If they like your blog or web page they will recommend it by clicking on thumb up. If you want that others recommend your blog or web page you will have to recommend theirs. This is the way social bookmarking works. You have to give some to get some in return. This is very important characterize of StumbleUpon to get traffic.

Follow the steps outlined below to become successful.

1. Create one Category per StumbleUpon account. You can create many StumbleUpon accounts, one for each email address.

2. StumbleUpon allows you to create your own social book marking page. You can choose friends who have similar interest as yours. For example if you have written an eBook on Forex trading, you select friends who are interested in Forex trading. StumbleUpon has special interest groups. Join a group in your niche. It is an excellent source to increase web traffic.

The more friends you find in your niche, the more targeted traffic you get.

3. Visit the websites recommended by others and make your landing page similar to an already popular landing page. This doesn’t imply that you copy others. Be original. Popular web pages can be found by finding what others have recommended in the past.

4. Select the title carefully. It is the most attention grabbing part of your web page. It attracts the most attention and it should contain the keywords you are targeting.

5. Advertise with StumbleUpon. It is the cheapest advertising resource. Go to and find more about advertising options. It costs 5 cents per targeted visitor.

You will notice an increase in web traffic to your site. It is much more effective compared to someone who is submitting the site for free.

It takes a while to get the campaign to work. Be patient and after some tweaking it is going to work.

In fleeting, create good content and emulate already successful StumbleUpon sites. The meaningful to success is to build a site that people want to StumbleUpon. With some planning and tweaking as you go along, you can make this bookmarking site a helpful addition to your marketing plan.

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