Udgaar To Rescue Indian Youth From The Clutches of Intoxication

Udgaar To Rescue Indian Youth From The Clutches of Intoxication

India is a young country with over 60% of the population under the age of 30. if we use the youth strength constructively India will again become a world leader and the most thriving nation. But unfortunately, in the without of proper guidance, people are wasting their time and energy in bad and unproductive things.

A large section of Indian youth is misdirected towards intoxication by glamorous advertisements. In this way, they are losing their possible to do great things for themselves and the country.

ISKCON has taken an initiative and offered a platform by Udgaar Program for young people to express themselves openly and raise their confidence and self-esteem. The goal of the anti-addiction campaign is to empower youth to realize their true possible and spread goodness in society.

A country is mainly represented by its youth because they work to build a nation and take it to the path of success. The future of a country depends on its youth that is why it is very important to harness the energy and skills of people to build a peaceful and progressive society.

It is a matter of grave concern that Indian youth is addicted to intoxication like smoking, drinking, etc. They have no discrimination for good and bad and the only purpose of their life is to earn money by any method and use it in intoxication, women hunting, parties, etc. They don’t hesitate to take up dishonest ways to make money. They without moral values and have no respect for their culture and traditions. They are irresponsible, lazy and easy-going.

Just stating the problem is not the end of the task we need to wake up and take effective measures to motivate young people to give up the addiction and other bad habits and positively contribute to the society.

Intoxication is a major problem and most of the young people take it in some form. After taking it they behave irresponsibly and lose the strength of discrimination. Most of the criminal activities are done in the state of intoxication so releasing people from the clutches of intoxication is the first task to be done.

An Idle Mind is the workshop of the devil and if we do not guide and include our youth in constructive work, they will be misguided by the blinding glamour of the Media.

Udgaar is an ideal platform for youth to express their mind and the problems they are facing. With the help of expert guidance, they can channelize their energy for the welfare of the country.

This anti-addiction campaign is totally a non-profit activity and aimed at youth empowerment. So I urge every Indian to participate and sustain this noble cause with great enthusiasm.

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