Trampoline Parts – Trampoline Measurements – Buy With Confidence Part 1 of 2

Trampoline Parts – Trampoline Measurements – Buy With Confidence Part 1 of 2

Welcome to this 2 part guide to help you get everything you will need to know when purchasing trampoline substitute parts.

In order to buy the correct trampoline substitute parts for your trampoline there are a few pieces of information you will need to know about your trampoline. Brand, form #, spring/v-ring count, and frame size to name a few, will all help you in this tiresome journey, but some additional information may also be needed depending on which part you plan to buy.

If you nevertheless have any of your trampoline manuals, this experience when turn from long and hard to quick and easy. Your trampoline manual is the exact guide you will ever need regarding your trampoline.

Now if you are one of the many to have thrown your trampoline manuals long ago you will have to know how to correctly measure each trampoline part in order to buy the compatible trampoline parts. Often times if you do know the trampoline brand and form, you will have a much easier time to find the correct products.

Today I will let you know what you will need and how you will get it when purchasing trampoline springs and trampoline mats (Frame size, Mat Size, Spring Size, and Spring Count). It is always a good idea to measure everything a few times to get a correct measurement.


typically you will just need to measure the frame end to end. For rectangular trampolines you will need 2 measurements, length and width wise, both end to end.


Much like the trampoline frame, your trampoline mat is measured end to end, not including the v-rings. Before getting started I would suggest measuring the mat attached to the frame. If detached having a friend to help is advised. Be sure to only measure the jumping mat material only. It is also a good idea to measure in both feet and inches.


It is important to start off by measuring a spring that is unworn. Trampoline springs are measured hook to hook. You will be measuring both the coils and the hooks.


To get the trampoline spring count simply count the amount of v-rings on your mat, spring holes on your frame, or the springs nevertheless attached to your trampoline. Either method will give you a correct spring count.

Be sure to check back soon for part 2 of my trampoline part purchasing guide. You will learn what is needed for purchasing trampoline pads and surrounding systems/nets.

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