Trade Union – Unification of Individuals

‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ A trade union is an outcome of this belief. It is an organization set up by the workers for the achievement and protection of their shared interests. The most shared purpose behind setting up a union is to negotiate with the employer on the wages and working conditions. The other purposes of these organizations are to negotiate regarding the employment contract, the termination of employment, benefits offered to the workers, promotion criteria, safety of workers and several others.

It was Europe that first witnessed the emergence of unions. In most of the European nations, political parties played a meaningful role in the development of labor unions. The situation was different in Britain. Here, the New form Unions played the major part. It was only in the twentieth century that the political parties played a meaningful part in the trade unions in Britain.

In The United States, the unions emerged in the 19th century. Skilled workers from different cities came together to form labor unions. The main purpose of these organizations was to put on strikes in case their rights weren’t fulfilled. However, this movement didn’t enjoy a successful future. It was soon dissolved. It was succeeded by the Mechanics Trade-Union and later on by the Grand National Consolidated Union. Both of these organizations succeeded in their motives to revolutionize labor unions.

The concept of the union attained popularity during the industrial dramatical change. History witnessed several countries adopting this concept. The reason behind this growth during the industrial dramatical change is that during this period the employers ill-treated their workers. The workers didn’t possess good skills and this made them incapable of demanding their rights.

An individual worker is powerless to stand for his/her rights. And this is why trade unions are developed. They have not just improved the working lives of the employees but in some situations, they have also proved to be an asset to the management.

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