Top 6 Best Sexual locaiongs For Her – This Will Make Your Woman Crave …

Sex is a divine experience; and whether you realize it or not, women are more passionate when it comes to sex. And, what you are probably unaware of is the fact that women crave for it already more than guys, but only when it is satisfying for them! Sex can be fulfilling and exciting if you just try different variations. In line with that, here are six of the best locaiongs that you can try to make her crave sex like crazy….

Position #1 – Most women love being in control, that is why the first one on the list is the woman on top position. Lie flat on the bed and have her mount you. keep up onto her buttocks as she slowly lowers herself onto you. You can also touch and squeeze her breast and nipple in the time of action to add stimulation, or simply concentrate on her erogenous zones to help her climax easier.

Position #2 – Have her seated on a flat surface like your kitchen table, for example. She must be at your hip level and have her spread her legs open. This position is great because it allows thorough penetration with her vagina pressed firmly on your groin.

Position #3 – go into her from behind. Stand her up and have her back pressed against your chest. Pull her leg over to your hip and spread her thighs open. This provides you with better leverage and access.

Position #4 – The ever reliable missionary position! Have your girl lie down on bed with legs spread apart. Place your knee in between her thighs and go into her. Let her enjoy and feel your weight pressing against her as you thrust slowly. Take her hands and place them above her head.

Position #5 – Lay her sideways with knees bent. Lie down behind her and slowly lift her leg up so that you can have thorough penetration. Remember that as long as you are mixing things up, and are taking the time to pleasure her, she will crave sex more and more because of it. Also make sure that you are trying to stimulate other sensitive regions of her body at the same time, such as breathing softly into her ear, caressing her neck, or fondling her other erogenous zones simultaneously.

Position #6 – The infamous doggy style! You can have a nice view of her buttocks while you go into her. This can also provide her with a pleasurable experience this way, as it’s a good position to reach her G identify.

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