Top 30 Tips For Internet Marketing Newbies

Top 30 Tips For Internet Marketing Newbies

1. When choosing your target market in the plethora of industries online, it’s really important that you niche down. In other words if you like beauty, choose to focus on beauty for the confront. Or already more niche than that, lipsticks, or eyeshadow used in India. Do you get my drift? Go for something you’re passionate about or ‘fanatical’ stuff, or hobbies. Check out what’s trending on the market. Pick your micro niche with a great need and you’ve started well.

2. Now, you first need to get your Domain Name. This should be related to your niche, keep it nice and short and try to avoid dashes eg

3. Domain names are less than $10.00 anything over and you’re wasting money, try or godaddy. Look around, there are loads on the market.

4. Now when it comes to hosting, I recommend hostgator, that’s what I use and they have a great reputation If you have any queries, they’re online help is fantastic and they will help to resolve that query on the identify!.

5. For your blogging, use WordPress. It’s free and can be learnt very quickly. There are also 100’s of free templates and themes and plugins which you can use. Nowadays you don’t need to know HTML. If you’re looking to do affiliate marketing check out fastincomesystems4u.

6. Now, it’s crucial and I cant press it enough it is is vital as an internet marketing newbie to build a list. This is the lifeblood of every successful marketer. The Relationship that you build with your list is Gold. Separate your prospect list from your buyer list, know the ones who will keep buying from you. As it’s averaged out that one name on your list represents $1.00. So do the math.

7. Write up a free report that gives value. Give it away as an motive for people signing into your squeeze page or opt in box. Research the most effective squeeze pages. You can either write an ebook, or an create a video. Outsource the task or easier nevertheless visit, buy a $3.00 to $5.00 book and re-write it with your branding.

8. Create an autoresponder series with Aweber or Get Response, most reputable in the industry, and email your list every 2 days or 4-7 days on automation. Sign up to what the big boys are doing and look at the way they’ve crafted their emails, when you receive them in your inbox.

9. Write quality rare content for your site. If you can write an email you can write rare content for your site. Write content that solves people’s problems, avoid duplicate content Google doesn’t like it.

10. Publishing your articles on other sites is a good idea. When you write an article for your site, rewrite it and then submit it to various article sites.

11. Learn everything you can about FREE Traffic. Learn keyword research. It will put you ahead of the competition.

12. Create and generate quality backlinks that are applicable to your niche. Don’t waste time getting links on junk sites.

13. Keep on educating yourself from the Top Marketers. Copywriting, email marketing, site design, squeeze pages, rule generation techniques simply by seeing what the top people are doing. Look at Headlines… giveaways… squeeze page designs.

14. How many email lists are you on? When you get a powerful email from a “guru” focus think what’s magnetic about this..

15. Use their story as a template

16. Use your personal info or pseudonym

17. Using short paragraphs

18. Look at where they place their links

19. Look at the language they use to make their offer time sensitive?

20. They do not try to re-invent the wheel. They are using templates and formats that are tried and tested. They work it…Because it works!

21. Use leverage! Outsource these responsibilities to experts. Save your money and especially time!

22. 14. Have a Strategy and implement it

23. Keep a diary and each day write down everything you need to get achieved that day in addition as the next day. Then focus and complete each one. ‘Eat the frog’ ie the one you perceive as being the most difficult then all the others will appear easy!

24. Your daily responsibilities can be timetabled and be as easy as:

25. Read and organize your emails – 30 Minutes,

26. Get 5 Quality Backlinks – 10 Minutes

27. Write a quality post or Article – 30 Minutes

28. Visit Forums and make posts (with identifying characteristics line, this will have your link next to it) – 15 Minutes

29. Document for two weeks everything that you do, clarify your constraints and eliminate them (example spending time on mindless responsibilities, talking on the phone to friends). Then create your ‘to do’ list. Be efficient. You’ll be surprised at how much work you can do when you work with a ‘to do’ list in front of you.

30. AND most of all do not get distracted by the bright and shiny objects in your mailbox! Focus on one thing and follow by. Remember product + traffic =cash.

So get cracking and leave the title of ‘internet marketing newbies’ behind you!

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