Top 100 Salsa Dance Songs – A Dancer’s Perspective (Part I)


When it comes to pleasing the dancers, you need to play the top 100 salsa dance songs. But, what are they and who decides what the top 100 salsa dance songs are?

That is a question that many salsa DJs have pondered, when trying to play the top 100 salsa dance songs for their audience. There’s just such a wide variety in styles, speeds, singers and songs that makes choosing a hand complete (or already the one to play next) such a dilemma. A good DJ always finds a way to please the majority, though. however, a novice DJ, who doesn’t have the skill level, knowledge or has ever been a true, dance to the meaning of the song and music, salsero… well, a disaster is an understatement.

There have been times, when I have had a PARTICULARLY hard day and I’m so stressed out! I go to the salsa clubs, in hopes of hearing some of the top 100 salsa dance songs that will transform my stress to joy. Some DJs, from the first observe/beat just manage to truly perform miracles, by playing songs that are not only fun to listen to, but exiting to dance. The blood starts circulating and in addition there’s a chill in your spine. The feet start moving… and no matter how aware of people staring at you, that you are, you just can’t help but move your feet (and get lost in that rhythm!).

Then, there are those DJs that don’t understand the music or the words, much less the meaning or feeling , of the songs. The kind of DJs that either play the same songs over and over, in the same ordern already, every time they DJ at an event/club. OR already worse, the kind that seems like they just stopped at the local Starbucks, saw a salsa CD in between the Frank Sinatra and the Yoga Relaxation Jazz CDs and decided… “sounds good, I’ll play that all night”.

As an “Old Style” salsa dancer, whom understands what the singer is singing (and his “soneos” [improvisations]), that stuff just totally turns my salsa joy dial, almost, all the way down, as disappointment sets in, longing to hear any of the top 100 salsa dance songs instead.

What you will find, below, is a list I have compiled of the top 100 salsa dance songs that are being played by DJs all over the world. It is a compilation of the most shared songs found on DJ website and articles from all over the world. I spent 2 months researching, asking questions and listening to each song to prove it’s validity (It started as a list of 500; but I’ve taken out all Cha-cha’s and some Merengues that sneaked their way in). I also broke the list down to 5 top 100 salsa dance songs lists. KEEP in mind, there are many more than these top 100 salsa dance songs out there; These are just THE ones, DJs all over the world have chosen (to post, at the minimum), according to my research; plus a few of my own, that I play when DJing. Also, they are in alphabetical order and NOT in order of popularity or dance-ability. If you would like to submit YOUR top songs for consideration for this list, leave us a comment with your suggestions.

Here’s the top 100 salsa dance songs…

Name Artist Album Duration

1-800- Quiereme Luisito Rosario Rumba Del Barrio 4:06

1-800-Quiereme ( Remix) Luisito Rosario Rumba Del Barrio 5:02

A Bailar Pa’ Dentro Orquesta La Solucion Pa’ Bailar 4:23

A Cali Conjunto Clásico Felicitaciones 3:16

A Él Oscar D’León Éxitos De Con La Critica 3:47

A Golpe De Folklore Grupo Niche A Golpe De Folklore 4:59

A Gozar José Alberto “El Canario” Sueno Contigo 3:34

A la hora que me Llamen Voy Candido Fabre 4:30

A La Hora Que Me Llamen Voy José Alberto “El Canario” On Time 5:11

A La Memoria Del Muerto Fruko y Sus Tesos 4:22

A Mi Me Huele Orquesta Mulenze Salsa Fiesta! 4:11

A Mi Suegro (Don Pedrito) Various Artists Coleccion Estelar De Salsa Dura 3:55

Acere Bongo Tipica 73 4:36

Avisale a mi Contrario Grupo Mandinga Back to the 70’s 4:13

Aguzate Louie Ramirez- Ray De La Paz Sabor Con Clase 6:06

Ajiaco Caliente Eddie Palmieri Mozambique 5:38

El Amor Alex leon Salsa Caleta 5:06

Amor Callejero The Latin Brothers Best of the Latin Brothers 4:51

Arrepentios Pecadores Willie Rosario Back To The Future / 40 Aniversario 4:31

Arrepientete Orquesta Broadway Salsa Fiesta! 4:01

Arrepientete Ray Barretto At His Best 5:14

Arroz Con Manteca Oscar D’Leon Con La size Latina 4:00

asi me gustas gordita cesar nicolas lo mejor de lo mejor 4:00

Asi Soy Yo (That’s How I Am) Larry Harlow Asi Soy Yo 5:42

Así No Se Quiere a Nadie Tipica 73 3:52

Ataca de Nuevo Joe Cuba Sextette Cocinando La Salsa 3:25

Atízame El Fogón Willie Rosario Oro Salsero – 20 Éxitos 5:07

Atrevida REY RODRIGUEZ En El Sonido De Hoy Vol 1 4:38

Aunque Me Llores Raphy Leavitt Oro Salsero 20 Exitos Vol 2 4:52

Ave Maria Lola Sonora Carruseles Heavy Salsa 4:08

Avisale a Mi Contrario Orquesta Tabaco y Ron Salsa de Verdad 7:14

Ay Caray Adalberto Santiago Popeye El Marino 5:31

azucar Pa Un Amargao Oscar D’Leon Con La size Latina 2:54

Babaila Soneros del Barrio Siguiendo La Tradicion 4:41

Babarabatiri Tito Puente Live At Birdland-Dancemania ’98 8:29

Baila Que Baila José “El Canario” Alberto Serie Cristal: Greatest Hits 4:48

Ban Ban Joe Arroyo Grandes Exitos, Vol. 2 3:12

Banderita (A Little Flag) Larry Harlow Asi Soy Yo 5:36

Bandolera Héctor Lavoe Comedia 9:34

Bar Y Copas Various Artists Salsakidd’s Salsa Mix 4:17

Barrio Negro Sensual 990 Ultra Mix The Best Of Salsa Tropical Dance 5:34

Barrunto Willie Colón The Big Break – La Gran Fuga 5:37

Bembelequa Celia Cruz Irrepetible 4:55

Beso Gitano Colombia Te Canta Ii Colombia Te Canta II 5:14

Beunaventura Tiene Ricura Orquesta Guayacan Guayacan Y Del Bueno 5:19

Blanco y Negro Joe Arroyo 20th Anniversary 5:03

Boca Mentirosa Andy Montañez Oro Salsero 4:44

Boricua Rumbero Salsero adalberto santiago salsa gorda 4:05

Bravo Rumbero Alfredo Naranjo y El Guajeo A Las 6 Es La Cita 3:28

Buena Ventura y Caney Grupo Niche Historia Music, Vol. 1 6:19

Buenaventura Llego La Hora Huber Angel Gózame 4:18

Busca El Ritmo Willie Rosario Oro Salsero – 20 Éxitos 5:35

Buscando Un Amor Orq. Matecana/Orq. Guayacan Serie Batalla 4:22

Busco Lo Tuyo Fania All-Stars Fania All-Stars “Live” June 11, 1994 7:01

Busco Olvidarte Willie Rosario Back To The Future / 40 Aniversario 4:35

Cachondea Fruko & Sus Tesos Fruko Y Sus Tesos – strength Salsa 4:57

Cali De Rumba Fruko & Sus Tesos Fruko Y Sus Tesos – strength Salsa 5:26

Cali Flamenca Mix Melcochita Mis Mejores Exitos 6:21

calla buey Hector “tempo” Alomar lo mejor de lo mejor 5:13

Campana Mayoral Jose Mangual Jr. 5:15

Cantando Los Niches Grandes Exitos 4:29

Cantando Se Fué Cuco Valoy Sonero 4:18

Canto Abacua Ray Barretto At His Best 8:17

Capullito De Azucena Oscar D’Leon El Panquelero 4:32

Carnaval Joe Arroyo Y la Verdad 5:06

Castígala Cesar Nicolas Lo Mejor de Lo Mejor 4:10

Celebrando La Puertorriqueña Orquesta Puertorriqueña : 20 Aniversario 5:02

Celia José Alberto “El Canario” On Time 6:00

Chimpun Callao Orquesta Macondo Ultra Mix The Best Of Salsa Tropical Dance 3:43

Como Es Posible Louie Ramírez Louie Ramirez y Super Banda 5:04

Como lo Canto Yo Spanish Harlem Orchestra Across 110th Street 4:32

Como Olvidarte Oscar D’León 4:01

Companera De Camino Raphy Leavitt Oro Salsero 20 Exitos – VOL 1 4:04

Corazón de Acero Cuco Valoy Sonero 4:14

Cuando te Vea Grupo Mandinga Back to the 70’s 4:08

Cuando Te Vea Spanish Harlem Across 110th Street 4:50

Cuerpo De Guitarra Various Esto Si Es Salsa De Verdad! 5:32

Culpable GRUPO GALE Esencia Latina 4:17

Cumana Valentin Valdez Bebe De La Salsa 4:17

De Una Vez Gozando La Sonora Carruseles De Una Vez Gozando 5:17

Descarga ’73 Tipica 73 4:53

Descarga Total Maraca Latin Village Salsa (Mixed By DJ Mauri) 6:00

Devuelve Mi Alegria Willie Rosario Mas Ritmo 4:10

Déjate Querer José Alberto “El Canario” Herido 5:11

Digo Yo Grupo Niche Historia Music, Vol. 1 4:58

Dime Que Si Antonio Cartagena Dime Que Si 4:25

Dime Que Si Gilberto Santa Rosa Tres Con Cache 4:19

Dime Si Llegue a Tiempo Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco Tremendo Cache 3:51

Dinamita Fania All-Stars Commitment 4:50

Dolor Y Amor Ismael Miranda y Orq. Harlow Abran Paso 3:57

Dolores Cano Estremera Opera Ecuajey 4:26

Dominicano Soy Raulín Rosendo Dominicano Para El Mundo 4:54

Don Toribio Grupo Mandinga Back to the 70’s 4:26

Dos Amigos Domingo Quiñones Greatest Hits 4:00

Echando Pa’Lante Oscar D’León El Cachumbambe 3:57

El Apartamento Willie Rosario Back To The Future / 40 Aniversario 4:19

El Artista Famoso Roberto Blades 5:51

El As de la Rumba Jose Alberto “El Canario” Back to the Mambo: Tribute to Machito 4:48

El Bailarin de La Avenida Sonora Carruseles Con Todos Los Hierros 4:11

El candado y la llave Tito Allen El Intocable 4:34

Don’t get me wrong, there a multiple opinions on what the “top 100 salsa dance songs” are and aren’t. But there are quite a few selections that are considered THE top 100 salsa dance songs all over the world. In LA and in NY, in Italy and South Korea, in Puerto Rico and Venezuela, in Colombia or Panama… these songs will fill the dance floors and keep salseros (and salseras) happy and dancing until they drop!

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