This teacher’s fabulous response to their low salary scores an A++

Poke Staff. Updated January 10th, 2022

One of the many consequences of the pandemic was that parents who hadn’t already realised what an amazing job teachers do rapidly found out for themselves as they grappled with the challenges of homeschooling.

Not everyone, of course, but lots of people.

However, sustain for the profession is however to translate into higher wages in either the UK or the US, and this person had the perfect response.

The picture went wildly viral after it was shared by Redditor Urkylurker who said: ‘Pay our teachers more!’

Very funny and totally on-point. In short, A++.

And here are just a few of the things people were saying about it.

‘Teachers are incredibly underpaid.’

‘Seems like teachers are underpaid everywhere. Here in the UK we are a little better off due to the payscale but already then you need to prove by accountability that you deserve the raise. I wasn’t making national average salary until at the minimum 4 maybe already 5 years into being qualified. This is on top of having taught 2 years complete.’

‘Teachers are incredible people and deserve way higher payment.’

And here’s what this teacher had to say.

‘As a teacher, I like reading the /antiwork sub to see how other jobs are. There are certainly plenty of perks to being a teacher, but those same perks would be enjoyed if I worked for the effing post office for the most part.

‘I have a Masters and I am pulling just about 60k after 17 years. I am lucky that I bought a house over 12 years ago in my area. The cost of living in my area has ballooned in the last 10 years. Median house prices are pushing 500k. We got a cost of living increase of 3% a year back, but 2% of it was eaten to up our retirement contributions. Thanks…I guess

‘The biggest issue I see in education is that we just don’t have enough people. I have too many jobs to do at my school.

‘I have to teach all my curriculum, plus do intervention to catch up low kids, while also challenging my high kids, while also being a Social-Emotional sustain animal. I got meetings every week, plus meetings and homework to do with my team. I get 1.5 hours of prep time to do in any case I want during school hours each week. That is either grading, planning, answering emails, or calling parents.

‘It’s too much. Let me be an expert at one thing. Let me teach this one thing, and let me teach it well. Hire someone else to do all that other stuff, but that will never happen. They don’t have the money to hire anyone, and if they did who would want that job?’


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