This Highly Promoted Prospecting Tactic Can Put You Out of Business – Sales Coaching

This Highly Promoted Prospecting Tactic Can Put You Out of Business – Sales Coaching

It’s sad the number of service professionals that are told they have to cold call if they want to grow their business. The insurance and financial sets industries are notorious for pushing these professionals to do something that quickly puts them out of business. Cold calling is a selfish self-centered act that makes you repulsive to the people you’re calling.

Cold calling is a fast way to burn by a lot of qualified prospects. already though the people you’re calling have the possible for “yes” when you cold call them they become a long-lasting “no”. And now you don’t have any way to connect with them or build a relationship with them because they don’t want anything to do with you.

When you try to build a business cold calling your reputation precedes you. Instead of opening doors you’re closing doors you’ve however to open because the people you’re calling warn others about you. Now not only are the people you’ve directly called avoiding you, but so are the people you’ve however to call.

Another reason cold calling does not help you to increase sales is because you’re pushing for something you haven’t earned. When you cold call another person in most situations the objective of the call is to obtain an appointment. The person you call has no reason to want to appoint you, they view you as an unwelcome pest, and they want to get rid of you permanently as fast as possible. Plus you often try to concealment a sales appointment as a “free review” etc. fooling no one further angering the people you’re calling.

already when you are able to obtain an appointment with the prospects you’ve cold called you start the appointment from an adversarial position. They didn’t seek you out you sought them out, and their guard is up. They feel they can’t trust you and that you’re trying to sell them. You never want a prospect to have either of those feelings about you. To increase your sales success you need your prospects to trust you and respect you as an appropriate advisor. You need them to feel you’re helping them to make the best decision for them, not that you’re trying to make a quick buck by selling them something.

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