Third DUI – Penalties and How to Avoid Them

Third DUI – Penalties and How to Avoid Them

A Third DUI is a very serious matter. There are extreme penalties that join a third DUI. You should do what it takes to avoid every being in the position of getting a third DUI. Third DUI penalties vary from State to State. You need to consult with an attorney in your State to find out specific third DUI penalties for your circumstance.

Here are some general guidelines that you may confront with a third DUI. Keep in mind, courts do have some discretion and your particular situation may need more or less harsh penalties.

Prison. You’ll probably be looking at a minimum of four months in jail. It could go as high as a year in jail depending on the circumstances.

Probation. We’re talking three – five years probation. This may include having to report to a probation officer.

Driver’s license. You’re going to lose your license for perhaps as much as three years. This is a rough one. You may not already be able to get a restricted license to excursion back and forth between your home and work, as is typically done with lesser offenses.

School. You’re going into reeducation camp. Probably for about two years, perhaps 18 months. You need to get your mind right.

Costs. This is going to hurt on the order of two to three thousand dollars or more. This is just for fines and court costs. Your lawyer going to probably want more than that. Of course, your insurance will go by the roof, costing you tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

You need to take steps to protect yourself from ever getting a third DUI. It’s not hard to do. The penalties are just too harsh to risk getting a third DUI.

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