The Science of Saving Money With GPS Fleet Tracking

The Science of Saving Money With GPS Fleet Tracking

Do You Worry That Purchasing A Fleet Tracking System Is An Investment You Can’t provide?

A big misinterpretation among fleet managers and business owners is that GPS fleet tracking systems are just to costly to implement, especially in this current economy. In almost every case, companies that implement a fleet tracking solution notice a quick Return On Investment (ROI).

How Will You Get Your Money Back And More?

GPS tracking and monitoring of your fleet will allow your company to increase overall productivity, save on fuel usage, verify employee time sheets and reduce overtime expenses, and lower company risks.

Would You Hire A complete-Time Manager, Who Rode With Every One Of Your Employees For $1 Per Day?

This manager is going to tell you when your employees arrive, leave and how long they were at every stop. This manager will let you know if your employees go into/exit areas they are not supposed to be in. Set a designated route – if your employees go off the route you set – You’ll be notified.

Want to know every time your employee turns your means’s ignition on? This manager will let you know! Do your employees take your company vehicles home? This manager will let you know if they are using your means(s) when they’re not supposed to!

See how long your employees are letting your means sit idle (doing so cost you about a gallon of fuel) for each hour they idle. Speeding in your company trucks? The manager will let you know. How many miles did your employees travel today? You’ll know. Where they speeding in your company vehicles? You’ll know.

Investing in a GPS Tracking system is like putting a manager in every means. In fact many of our business customers more than double the return on their investment.

Extreme Savings – A Real Customer Of LiveViewGPS

Here is a great example. For confidentiality reasons, we will call our client Company A. Company A purchases and installs 23 RTV5 fleet tracking systems for their company trucks. Within one week of installing the system, they discover a major problem with everyone of their 23 drivers. Each driver was dispatched weekly across the state to perform service work, in most instances over 100 miles out from this particular company’s headquarters. The drivers were paid a per-diem to cover hotel and other related expenses. Once the system was installed, Company A saw that every driver was making the daily trip out to the jobsite and then driving home, the drivers were also keeping their per diem money. On average 300 miles per day of excess driving!

Company A corrected the situation closest. Savings in fuel alone were over 30k per month. This practice had been going on for years. Company A – invested approximately $9775.00 for the hardware, and spends $688.00 per month for monitoring service or $8256.00 yearly. In year one, their total investment was $18,031.00. In year two their annual investment went down to $8256.00.

By monitoring and measuring meaningful metrics, Company A was able discover and save over $340,000.00 in year one, about a 1700% Return on their investment.

Here are some of the many ways you can closest begin saving money with LiveViewGPS’ fleet tracking solution:

• Live locaiongs updates – Every 10 seconds lets dispatchers and managers know means current locations, up to the second. The call to your driver of “Where Are You At?” will be a thing of the past.

• Start/Stop Reporting lets you verify exactly when your employees started and ended their shift. Keep payroll records that are accurate and verified.

• Historical playbacks, plus excel reports to your email allow you to permanently archive data, giving you proof of where your vehicles were at. No more bickering with customers about billing disputes or • Off Hour/Weekend Reporting allow you to clarify possible side jobs, theft of company resources and personal use of company assets.

• Automatic Alerts that clarify off route driving, zone and speed alerts, ignition on/off alerts. • Service call dispatching, effectively manage your service calls up to the second. Increase company daily service call volumes, increase company revenue.

• means theft protection and recovery. Remotely disable stolen or misappropriated vehicles. Capable of also remotely unlocking doors, starting means.

• Insurance reduction, many insurance companies provide discounts for vehicles with gps tracking devices installed.

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