The Royal Pyramid of Health

Below you will find what we refer to as The Royal Pyramid of Health. What does this average?

There is an inherent ability for one to heal, taking into account 7 meaningful factors that must be addressed for ultimate health. The order they are placed is the order of importance of how these factors can influence our health.

1. Vastu

2. The Inner Game of Health

3. Electromagnetic Field Exposure (EMF’s)

4. Nutritional Needs (food and supplements)

5. Sleep

6. Interference Fields (IF’s)

7. Chemo toxic Body Burden (Detoxification Needs)

Vastu- Vastu vigorous’s supply and regulates the complete spectrum of universal bio-energies basic for human health. (i.e. solar, lunar, stellar, geomagnetic, etc.) This spectrum, by unseen, dictates the health, longevity and mental prowess of all humans in addition as their wealth and success.

The Inner Game of Health- The Inner Game of Health is what allows you to conquer your outer game. The Inner Game of Health is the time of action and manifestation that creates your physical health. The formula for manifestation of health, beginning with the Inner Game consists of past and present conditioning, beliefs and perceptions, thoughts, emotions, actions and habits.

Electromagnetic Filed Exposure (EMF’s) – Electromagnetic fields are a combination of an electric field and a magnetic field. An electric field is produced by the movement of electrons from one atom to another, this force moves around the earth. A magnetic field is produced by magnetism that radiates out from the center of the earth by the air and back to the center of the earth. These two fields pulse information and interact together creating an electromagnetic field.

Electromagnetic Radiation is the presence of an electromagnetic field that is stronger than the earth’s field. Electromagnetic radiation is most commonly produced when electricity is used to strength an electrical appliance like a computer. The electricity in the wire interacts with the magnetism of the earth creating a field. This artificial field over powers the earths electromagnetic field and disrupts the proper functioning of the human body, specifically the nervous system. EMF toxicity can be argued to be the most over looked toxic exposure and at the same time the most detrimental.

Nutritional Needs- Our food supplies are void of the nutritional value that they once had. On top of this, add in perfected foods which are further stripped of any nutritional value that they once had, pesticides, herbicides, and the irradiation of our food supplies, our nutritional needs regularly need to be reevaluated and additionally supported by whole food supplies and vitamins and nutrients.

Sleep- Our bodies repair themselves when we sleep. Our bodies require a stream of uninterrupted sleep to allow such healing to take place. The amount of sleep though is rare to each individual and is fully dependable on the other elements of the hierarchy of health. The more we have strengthened the other elements, the less sleep we may require. Reasons why someone might not sleep adequately are; unhealthy vigorous’s in ones sleeping ecosystem (Vastu), over stressed lifestyle, medication therapy, and more.

Interference Fields- An interference field is an area of the body where there has been past trauma such as an old scar or a whiplash from a car accident. already though a trauma may be very old and is no longer painful, it can nevertheless act like a powerful short-circuit of the body’s natural energy flow to an specific organ or gland, consequently creating many problems- often un-resolvable already with many types of treatments.

Chemo and Heavy Metal Detoxification- Our bodies are under a tremendous burden of toxic assault, from herbicides and pesticides in our foods and on our lawns, to petroleum based fumes filling our houses from our furniture and flooring, to heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, and rule that infiltrate our air, water, land and natural food supplies. In our current age of continued exposure to such a myriad of toxic chemicals, one of the biggest keys to a long, healthy life is regular, current detoxification.

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