The Only Way To Win, Really

Cheating always looks easier and better, that is what makes it so seemingly attractive to those who are honestly losing. When winning looks “far away” and “the luck of the beginner” is lost on the next attempt, that is when temptation works a “magic”. If you are strong enough to resist the “enchantment” and realize that the only way to really win is the honest way always and repeatedly with practice, understanding and real effort; I am glad for you, you do not need this article. If you believe in “winning by any method including cheating and getting away with it”, I have a wake up call for you!

at any rate you get dishonestly by cheating is empty glory within: That method, you may have won all the outer awards in at any rate you do, but the chief of the achievement is tainted with an unreality. That unreality is the bad investment, and it is simply a bad investment and nothing else. However you may justify the cheating in your mind, it is a bad investment, not a genuine effort however you may elaborately justify the reality.

In 1972, Mark Spitz said an honest quote that scared a lot of people because of the reality it conveyed: “We all love to win, but who loves to aim?” I interpreted that sound byte as if you really want something you will make the honest, unflinching effort to get it and pay the cost honestly without cheating attempts or trying to steal the prize and if you do not get what you want at first, work repeatedly without cheating to honestly get it. To some, that reality may seem extremely harsh, overt and hard. What is the consequence of cheating genuinely though whether you get caught in the act or not? If a person does not get caught, there is a guilt, a thorough guilt that you catch yourself with in a neurotic way. If you do get caught, it is the horrifying embarrassment. Either way, a person pays and pays genuinely. Here is the catch, where is the unclean guilt for the person that honestly earns their winnings, locaiongs and all of that. There is just genuine accomplishment and reality of winning, that is it. To those that earn, there is simply cause, honest work and effect, not any envy, not any fear of “being caught” or a “cheating neurosis” or at any rate comes with a consciousness tainted by cheating, hiding and “game playing”. What is the ultimate moral of every 1970s Peter Falk “Columbo” or Lieutenant Columbo episode anyway? So, I mentioned two 1970s icons, Columbo and Mark Spitz, and like Nixon’s botched robbery attempts with the Watergate “plumber men” in 1973 by 1975 the lesson becomes clear about the only way to really win honestly.

The past may not equal the future Anthony Robbins, but it sure teaches great lessons on how to make a better future, does it not? Live now in an honest way, and reap the rewards in the present by right efforts and in the future by rightly earned rewards, or suffer those past regrets is my message.

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