The Music From BET’s The Game Scripted Series TV Show

The Music From BET’s The Game Scripted Series TV Show

In BET’s show The Game, they play noticable, applicable, provocative music. On Facebook, people are talking about the songs associated with the show. Sometimes the music is used to foreshadow. In episode six, the show opened with Melanie saying she could not believe that Derwin was spending so much time in a court custody battle with Janay. In the background, El DeBarge’s song Time Will show was playing. The song helped the writers inform the audience that something would be revealed about that situation. Sure enough, Derwin was lying and by the time the episode ended, it was all revealed. The applicable music placement makes it easier to connect with the show.

Also in episode six, there was an amazing song by a woman named Mackenzie Capri. It was called Back Door. In the song, a woman debates whether she should stay with her man saying “Should I stay or should I go? Somebody please let me know. One thing’s fa fa fa show, don’t let him catch me sneaking out the back door.” The beat on this song is nice and the artist sings well. It’s great Rhythm and Blues kind music. Melanie certainly had every right to think of leaving after Derwin’s lie. It’s a universal message for anyone who is or has been in a relationship. This song has now been released for buy on Amazon and iTunes.

In episode seven, Malik goes to rehab. He spends most of the episode in denial about being in rehab and already decides to leave rehab for a fleeting stint. Jason and Derwin finally convince him to return to rehab. In the background, as Malik gets out of the car to walk toward the rehab facility, there is a song playing. No one knows the name of it. People think it’s called “Go Away”. This song is being talked about by fans of the show. People want to know who wrote it, where they can buy it, how to get the words, and so on. There is already rumor that the song was posted on YouTube at one time and then closest taken down. My suspicion is that they are working on some kind of mechanism for getting the music from the shows to the fans. I hope this is the case. What I know for sure is that there are lots of fans of this song.

BET is using music to help tell stories in its TV show The Game. I like it. Music is universal. Universal music messages with universal storylines help to make a great, entertaining show. I love music so BET’s approach works for me.

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