The Most Important Questions to Ask a Psychic, Medium or Spiritual Hea…

The Most Important Questions to Ask a Psychic, Medium or Spiritual Hea…

Are you stuck, frustrated or unclear where your life is heading? Do you find yourself spinning your wheels, or simply not making progress in basic areas of your life, already though you use MOST of your time obsessing about them? Do you find yourself wondering about the “meaning of life” or harboring thoughts of “is THIS all there is” more often than you should, or is already healthy? In this article I’m going to proportion a few super simple techniques you can use to transform your confidence, and your sense of PASSION, purpose and strength in your life… all by interacting with your spiritual advisor of choice. (Be it a psychic, medium, astrologer, clergy member or otherwise).

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First, the meaningful to getting life advice that you can really use is to ask the right kind of questions. You don’t want to ask “why” questions that victimize you, or put you into a frame of mind that strips, saps and soaks your self confidence.

“Why do I keep getting passed over for a promotion?” is an example of a BAD question that many folks will ask.

Or, “why can’t I meet a man who will be faithful?” is another.


Ask empowering questions.

Questions that are not “why” oriented, but WHAT or HOW oriented.

For example –

“What is the lesson I’m supposed to learn about relationships by the choices I’m making?”

Or –

“How can I use this experience to further my own spiritual growth, evolution, strength and overall purpose?”

It’s amazing how simply framing things differently can transform your sense of personal strength, and the idea that there is a greater, expanded awareness we are ALL supposed to glean and gain from each experience.

As a matter of fact, in my own experiences as a writer, researcher and publisher in the psychic and spiritual arena, I’ve learned that some of the most important life lessons, and things that I truly believe were basic to my karma, were the hardest and most painful events or experiences I’ve had.

And in addition, looked at by the prism or perspective of personal growth and spiritual development, I recognize that had I NOT had those things happen… the chances are, I never would have made important decisions that have allowed me to go, grow and mature in ways I never would have otherwise.

I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of people experience psychic readings, spiritual counseling, astrological consultations and meetings with mediums and intuitive advisors from all over the world.

The ones that NEVER get what they need are always those that feel like a victim coming in… and leave feeling victimized in addition.

The ones that make great spiritual progress and ultimately unprotected to the greatest levels of happiness are those that see each and every human experience as an opportunity to evolve.

Your challenge?

If you are serious about spiritual growth and living a life you love,be part of the second group! Change the way you look at your own life, your own challenges and obstacles, and already the people that you perceive as your “enemies. Embrace ALL experiences and all people for what they are – a magical and mysterious part of your spiritual adventure, and a basic part of your karma in addition!

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