The King Is Dead, Long Live the Mob!


Okay so, Moammar Gaddafi is no longer amongst the living. For many this is a cause for celebration, for his staunch supports a real problem, if not a death sentence or future prison sentence to boot. Perhaps, the future as it unfolds will be interesting to watch, and it is definitely a basic juncture in Libyan history. Things could turn out great for the Libyan People or quite challenging while a strength struggle plays out.

There was an interesting article after Gaddafi’s death in SpaceWar Online published on October 20, 2011 titled; “Kadhafi captured then shot dead,” written by Staff Writers in Tripoli, Libya. The article stated:

“Ousted Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi has been killed, the country’s new government claimed. The tyrant who terrorized his country over 42 years of despotic rule was cornered by NTC troops in his home town of Sirte, where he was born, the last keep up out for his dwindling band of supporters. The National change Council said that its fighters found & shot Gadhafi in Sirte, which finally fell to the rebels today after weeks of fighting. information of his death has triggered celebrations across Libya.”

Other news articles stated that is dead body was drug by the streets of Misrata, Libya and so one has to ask with a rather barbaric act such as that, if the National change Council has the moral authority or already capability to rule Libya into the future? If the reports are true, and it’s hard to say what is true these days, as everything in the media coming out of that vicinity is carefully orchestrated and then the news fed to the American People here is definitely spoon fed – then this could be a sign of things to come, but let’s hope not.

Further, as we look at the resultant of the Arab Spring in Egypt we see things are nevertheless completely disorganized. Yes, Egypt and Libya are drastically different, as Libya is absolutely “oil high” and has a much smaller population to deal with, but with over a hundred different tribes or groups vying for a say in the new government, well, that’s going to take a whole lot of coordination, thought, and careful attention to detail in the time of action. Perhaps, this is why some fear the worst, nevertheless everyone has an interest in the country on keeping the oil flowing and the money coming in too.

Yes, the media is correct, it’s an end of an era for Libya, question is what comes next, and I dare to ask; “where did all the stockpiles of weapons in the Libyan Army go?” Stay tuned as there is more to follow in this on-going saga. Right now, it appears that the mob is in control, and that to me is a scary thought indeed.

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