The Importance Of Ergonomics For Better Health

The Importance Of Ergonomics For Better Health

Fatigue and back-aches are shared elements in the lives of most of the people who work for long hours at office desks. Proper furniture becomes a very important aspect in such situations. The design of the chair and desk gains importance as it is responsible for your posture.

Ergonomic has attained popularity on account of the need for comfort and emphasis being laid on the occupational health of people. Ergonomics has evolved due to the increased use of computers in the work environments.

Physical ailments have been rising on account of the sedentary jobs of people. Generally speaking, ergonomics is concerned with the design of the chair and desks, and is soon becoming an integral part in corporate offices.

Set Up Of The Desk

Ergonomics implies that the desk has to be at a similar distance from the eyes as to computer monitors, negating the need for moving the neck backward, or forward, or changing the inclination of the computer screen. Ergonomic desks continue correct height and distance between the eyes and the monitor.


The height of the ergonomic chairs has to be such that the feet keep flat on floors. Adjusting the height of the chair is always good. If such a position is easily achieved then we cans say that the height is perfect.


The position of the desk has to be in a manner which can aid in eying the monitor comfortably at the level of the eyes, and its height is in co-ordination with the height of the chair. The feeling of comfort is important, without putting strain on the back, legs, fingers, hands and neck.


Various accessories which are needed frequently by you lie on your desks. The phone has to be kept on the hand which is less active, consequently ensuring this hand is also kept engaged. Unnecessary stretching has to be avoided by keeping the accessories in places where they can be reached easily.

Personal Ergonomics

Ergonomics relates to comfort for the user. Though you can follow your variations, the bottom line always has to be avoiding physical strain to any part of the body, especially the neck and the eyes. You can manage the height of the furniture according to your height. As mentioned earlier, the end consequence has to be avoidance of physical strain.

Ergonomics has to be understood correctly in order to use it for improvement of your health. Simple practices need to be followed to gain maximum benefits from ergonomics. Ergonomics has to be an integral part in any office, especially where the employees work for long hours.

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