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Divorce matters can be challenging and emotional for the parties going by it. There are various kinds of ways in which parties can resolve their divorce. No matter the circumstance for you, the divorce lawyers in Sedgwick County can help you the time of action. Stange Law Firm, PC exclusively practices divorce and family law and has the attorneys who can assist no matter the circumstance. Below you will see different ways in which divorce matters can progress and conclude:

Contested Divorce: Not all divorces are settled amicably outside of court. There can be circumstances where one party does not want a divorce, but in addition, the other spouse goes ahead and files. There can also be situations where both parties want the divorce, but they might have sharp differences over issues like character and debt division, child custody, child sustain, spousal sustain or the apportionment of legal fees. Stange Law Firm has the divorce attorneys in Sedgwick County to represent clients in such matters. These types of divorces include a lot of diligence on the part of the attorneys. They need all of the information the party can give them so they can effectively represent their client in a competent, communicative and diligent manner.

Uncontested divorces: In these situations, both parties want a divorce. In some situations, the parties might already agree on the resolution to all issues such as child custody, child sustain, spousal sustain, character and debt division and legal fees. When that is the case, settlement paperwork can be put together. The divorce can then be concluded by an uncontested hearing or by affidavit. In other situations, while the parties might both want a divorce, they might not agree on a settlement on all issues. When that is the case, mediation or collaborative law can help parties reach an agreement. There is certainly possible that there will be less stress with an uncontested divorce in comparison to the contested divorce situations.

High asset divorces: High asset divorces occur in Wichita Kansas. In addition to child custody, issues like the valuation and division of marital character and debt can be cumbersome. Getting character valuations can be basic, plus identifying all assets, including hidden assets that might be out there. The lawyers at Stange Law Firm can assist in valuating and identifying all marital character and debt. in any case might be the case, you can expect diligent representation from the attorneys at Stange Law Firm.

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