The Cheapest Form of Personal Transport – The Scooter

The Cheapest Form of Personal Transport – The Scooter

truly the cheapest personal transport contraption is the pedal-powered bicycle. You might already say that’s not correct, the skateboard is. Okay, no argument there, but when it comes to motorized vehicles, few will argue that scooters make the most economical sense for a personal means. Until they can make a two seater car already cheaper, the scooter is king of the road.

Defining what Cheap method

In the world of motorized driving, going cheap can have different meanings. Compact cars have become cheap in the sense that they are the most affordable 4 wheelers on the road these days. Going for unheard-of brands online can be considered dirt-cheap as they want to break into markets dominated by the major auto makers and having the lowest sticker price can be their best bet.

But scooters are an thoroughly different copy. While are they generally categorized as part of the 2-wheel motorbike or motorcycle, scooters have long remained to be a short-distance runner reserved for kids and ladies commuting within villages. Their engine size getting no more than 250cc guarantees that they will keep the most affordable method of commuting. That’s what it method to be cheap.

Fuel Efficiency at Its Best

Not only are scooters the cheapest personal transport, you get to enjoy the best mileage at anywhere between 60 to 100 miles to a gallon depending on the form. The raw money savings are just too emotional to overlook. People have known the scooter to be a sensible way to get to their destination ever since they became commercially obtainable after WWII with the Italian Vespa scooters.

The Japanese Honda and Yamaha brands extended that across a wider market around the world starting in the 60s. They had developed a good following for people commuting on short distances and have never waned in terms of allurement. But the technology remained as they often use 4 stroke 50 cc engines on a light body that accounts for much of their fuel efficiency.

Now with the pump prices reaching their summit historic highs with a threat of dwindling fossil fuel supplies, the scooter has made a more welcome reappearance. As early as 2005, sales of the scooter have soared to record highs. already earlier, countries like India and China have gone to it with millions traveling down their major roads everyday.

You now have Indian, Taiwanese, Korean and Indonesian auto makers getting a proportion of the scooter markets. You almost can’t go wrong getting any brand as long as adequate after-sales technical sustain is there.

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