The Best Entry Level Jobs in Calgary

The Best Entry Level Jobs in Calgary

Approximately 50 miles from Toronto, Calgary is one of the most promising Canadian cities. With an estimated population of 1.2 million residents, the city has everything that defines an ideal business ecosystem.

Some of the meaningful sectors in Calgary include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Chemicals sector
  • Tourism and hospitality

We will detail each of these sectors later. Now, these are like the definitive pillars of Calgary.

Economic Trend

The economy of this city is largely oil based. The oil sector remains a real force in job creations and employment in Calgary for years now. This trend was slightly challenged after the great crunch that hit the oil industry in the 1980’s. Though the crunch paved way for diversification in the economy, oil and gas sector nevertheless has some of the best paying jobs in the city today.

Employment Trends

The city of Calgary has among the lowest unemployment indices in Alberta according to a report by Statistics Canada. At 4.9%, the city is certainly doing very well in terms of providing fresh opportunities for job seekers. The national projection for the same period is at 7.4%. Evidently the city is at the peak of its potentials.

In Calgary there are particular sectors that are well-known for job creations and employment. These are but the above listed sectors. So, we will go straight to the details of each.

Oil and Gas Sector

This is the lifeblood of Canada. Calgary is the country’s energy center. Some of the city’s best paying jobs are to be found in this sector. The following engineering jobs are in high need in the city:

  • Mechanical engineers
  • Petroleum engineers
  • Mining engineers

If you are anywhere in Canada and earnestly seeking a job in the oil industry then this is your chance to join the career of your dreams. Some of the big employers in the industry include:

  • BP Canada
  • Suncor Energy
  • TransCanada

The Chemicals Sector

This is another sector that has redefined employment and job creation in Calgary. The chemical industry is very noticeable in the city. It accounts for a sizable number of job opportunities. Some of the big employers in the industry include:

  • Nova Chemicals
  • Dow Chemicals

Because of the big consumer-base in the city and oversea, the chemical industry plays a major role in creation of new jobs. One standout characterize of jobs in the chemical industry is that not much qualification in terms of education and training is needed.

Tourism & Hospitality Industry

The city of Calgary has everything that relates to tourism. From natural sceneries to posh accommodation and hotel facilities, Calgary is one of Canada’s best tourist destination. The industry is replete with opportunities for new entrants.

According to recent survey reports by Statistics Canada, the hotel industry in Calgary is Alberta’s finest in job creation and employment.

To qualify for any of these jobs in Calgary, applicants must be certain to meet particular standards. Skills, experience and applicable certificates are an obvious advantage.

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