Strictly Come Dancing 2021 latest

Consolation prize (Continued…)

Oti, 31, and Ugo, 38, burst into laughter, as Rylan attempted to soften the blow: “Instead, I stayed up last night and I thought I’d make you something nice,” he told the dancing duo.

Ugo was then given a ‘Rock Of Ugo’, made from a large stone, some goggly eyes and wool for hair.

Strictly Come Dancing fans were left in hysterics at the scenes, although many have now urged Dwayne to get in touch with Strictly bosses.

One tweeted: “The most hilarious thing I’d seen in ages. Hook, line and sinker!”

Another additional: “@TheRock you have to send them a video now @[email protected]!!”

A third penned: “@RylanAbsolutely brutal! But so, so funny! Unlucky Ugo!”

And a fourth begged: “@TheRock please reach out to them! #yourewelcome.”

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