Stop Ghosts Feeding on the Living During ‘Shradh’ – A Self-Improvement…


Don’t let the dead ghosts suck on you!

During the annual ‘Shradh’ period (this year–September 15-29, 2008), the ghosts satisfy on the health and good fortune energies of the living–that includes you! This is a worldwide occurrence–nothing to do with any religious or other belief.

Get the facts and learn the how and why of it– get great self-improvement tips here to prevent this downside. Learn how you can get karmic success and fortune during this time while also benefiting your dead ancestors. Get their blessings for good fortune and avoid their curses and resultant madness-behavior and loss of wisdom.

The Dead satisfy on You

Ancestors, the ‘pitras’ of pitraloka of the vedic tradition or the ‘manes’ of ancient Roman civilization, or quite simply the dead forefathers and relatives are the dead-alive, but not at all well where they are. Once a year during a specific time period these souls come to the earth to get relief from their sufferings. The relief is obtainable by their descendants of this lifetime and past lifetimes.

Many ancient cultures have a tradition of making offerings to the dead and modern man, not understanding or seeing the reality behind this dismisses such cultural activities. Belief or without of it has nothing to do with the effects of shradh.

Why the Dead satisfy on the Living

The living get their material body and the capability of self-improvement karmicly both in the spiritual activity zone and the material. The living owe their bodies to the ancestors–this ‘body-debt’ is a fact of life.

The dead ancestors in their ‘pitra’ body are in a half-way house, receiving punishing responses to their activities done in their past physical body. In these bodily forms they have a very limited capability of satisfying their senses and bodily needs. They regularly suffer from heat, cold, hunger, thirst, tiredness, pain and can only get some relief during the shradh period, which is equivalent to a once-a-day event in their time zone. The pitras collect their ‘body-debt’ from their descendants during this time.

How this works

To understand this, we can start by briefly looking at ourselves, our bodies and our character.

The human body changes over time, with cells being regularly replaced so that at some point there is a complete change of bodily cells and body. This is a biomedical observation. Within the body the human consciousness of self-identity does not change over time unlike the physical body. In other words we are always conscious that we are the same individual, already though our bodies are changing over time. Every person who has ever been alive has this awareness. This is universal observation. This, then, is conclusive scientific evidence that the consciousness-identity of the individual (‘I am’) does not change while the body regularly changes. The consciousness is always moving by changing bodies already in this lifetime. Next, there is no evidence whatsoever to show that the consciousness dies when the material body dies. It is logical then, that the unchanging character of the consciousness would continue already when we cannot track the journey of the consciousness by our limited senses. Gifted clairvoyants and psychics can see these consciousness elements clearly long after the death of the physical body, while others see them sometimes as ‘ghosts’. Clearly, the consciousness is of a stable or ‘immortal’ character–also connected to the basic living entity that is the source of consciousness. The source must also have the eternal quality of it’s symptom–the immortal consciousness. This source of the unchanging consciousness-identity is variously called called the soul, atma, bhoota, life-force and such-like. Essentially, the consciousness moves by changing bodies, and when the body finishes, it continues to another body or to a body which is in many ways more limited–such as the pitra body.

Where there is a tradition of making offerings to the dead pitras by priests and other similar category of persons, the dead ancestors are relieved and able to part with their accumulated good fortune. One can also make offerings to the hungry, the handicapped and the poor in the name of the dead ancestor for benefits.

Here are some useful tips to protect yourself from ghosts taking your good fortune, and for getting benefits from the ancestors.

Things TO DO during Shradh

satisfy a hungry person every day, especially giving them foods that your dead ancestor liked, if you know what that is. When feeding that person you can tell them or mentally state the name of the dead ancestor on whose behalf you are making this donation of food. Give donations to religious or spiritual persons (pandit, priest, rabbi and so on) or to needy persons of items such as cooked food, grains, fruits, ghee, white cloth, shoes, umbrella, money, silver, gold, and so on. (A complete list is obtainable at the shradh article link given in the resource box below at By doing this, you are ensuring that the items you donate are satisfying the pitras (ancestors) preventing them from forcefully taking your good fortune energies, in addition as receiving in return the good fortune energies that they may have. You also prevent receiving their curses and wrath at not discharging your body-debt. By giving donations and offering in the name of your ancestors to the priests, brahmins, karmic healers, you and your ancestor receive a very high level of karmic benefits to progress you spiritually and materially. This is a self-improvement opportunity of the highest order. Things NOT TO DO during shradh

Do not accept invitations to eat as a guest of anyone during this period. This is because doing so at this time creates a special ‘salt-debt’ to your great number. Your great number’s ancestor may follow this salt-debt trail and attach itself to you–feeding off your energies. Eating out where you pay for your meal is fine during this time. Do not eat meat, eggs, fish, alcohol, intoxicants etc. The pitras love to satisfy on these energies and will bring many other unrelated ghosts in addition to dine off you if you do eat these things! Some visiting entities may stay with you. Prevention is much easier than detoxification that would be needed if you do get infected by these entities. Avoid purchasing items like cars, homes, new furniture and valuables; avoid moving into a new home during this period. Following these easy tips will keep you protected and bring good fortune to you for self-improvement and success in all areas of your life. Wishing you wellness and good fortune!

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