Steps to Planting Tomatoes – Unscarified

Learning about tomatoes can be fun and exciting. We are now approaching the scary part…so, how do I plant the thing – the tomato plant that is? The title method that once you follow these simple steps we are going to take the ‘scare’ out of planting tomatoes. Sometimes a person just has to create a new information. Below is a link to some visual sketches that I produced to help with the planting steps along with some actual photos. However, before we start you need to think on and remember some important facts from A to H:

A. Tomato plants can grow roots anywhere along its stem, as long as it is in the ground or under water. (Remember: the more rootsà the more nutrient intake à the healthier the Plant à the more tomatoes it will produce)

B. Tomatoes like to spread their ‘wings’ and ‘fly’. (Remember: unless you are using a specially bred tomato plant, all tomato plants like to spread their roots unhindered. Hence, the deeper you plant them the better. [Within reason of course. If you go down so deep that you are into the light brown clay that is so hard a soil, then the roots are actually hindered. However, if that is all you’ve got, tomato plants will still grow in that, only more slowly.])

C. Tomatoes like to grow in alkaline soil. (Remember: unless you know for a fact that your soil is very alkaline, it is good to lay down some lime in the hole before you put in the tomato plant. It is equally important to put in the right kind of lime. Your greenhouse or nursery can help you with this.)

D. Tomatoes need the morning sunlight. (Remember, unless you have no other choice in your yard—give the morning sunlight to your tomato plants. They will love you for it. More morning sunlight = less green growth = more fruit set = more tomatoes )

E. Tomatoes grown underneath shade trees can survive and prosper and set fruit too. (Additional reflected light = more fruit set = more tomatoes. Use aluminum foil, shiny side up for the reflected light and stones or river clam shells to keep the foil in place.)

F. Shade trees may necessitate rethinking the kind of tomatoes you are going to plant. (Remember the Big Boy and Better Boy varieties have been bred with large fruit size in mind and unlimited sunlight obtainable. This may not be so with the Heirloom varieties. In addition, if Heirloom varieties are not freely obtainable, try the Roma varieties. They seem to do better in less than ideal growing conditions.)

G. “My tomatoes are greening so well and then this ugly black identify appears on the tips, ruining every tomato before I can pick it!” Hence, we need black decay prevention. (Remember, tomato plants need sufficient calcium to produce a healthy crop of fruit. Put down a inner of crushed eggshells in every hole you dig and you shouldn’t have this problem. already if you nevertheless do, putting eggshells around the base of every plant before you water, should clear it up in a associate of weeks.)

H. Grown tomato plants are very prone to soil-borne diseases. (Remember: for shade tomatoes replace the aluminum foil after 1 month or so and make sure it overlaps so there is a minimum of soil exposed to the tomato leaves. Sunlight tomatoes should have a thick mulch of some kind be it straw or grass clippings or what have you. If you do see a yellowed leaf, remove and dispose of it closest and wash your hands as soil spores are easily transferred)

Now to view the Planting steps…

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