Shadow Priest Leveling Build for Cataclysm


A priest is one of the most desired classes for end game raiding, but you aren’t getting there anytime soon unless you are using a Shadow Priest Leveling Build. This is the absolute best talent spec for solo questing your way to level 85. However, many players don’t know how to really push the possible of their Shadow Priest, and consequently are not truly getting to level 85 in the time that they should. Read on, and I’ll show how to build your Shadow Priest for strength Leveling.

Why choose a Shadow Priest Leveling Build?

Shadow absolutely has the best DPS of any of the talent trees. This is your best choice for solo questing by far. Discipline is a great different to Shadow if you want to take a safer road, and has some great burst damage against a single target, but Shadow has the best damage against multiple mobs by employing a DoT Farming strategy. In addition, Shadow has some excellent mana efficiency. In fact you should never run out of mana if you utilize the appropriate talents, abilities and glyphs. Abilities you need to use for

Glyphs for your Shadow Priest Leveling Build

Your glyphs are just as important, if not more so than the talent points you choose. If you don’t glyph appropriately, you are only using a fraction of your Shadow Priest Leveling Build’s possible. For chief Glyphs, you will want to use Shadow information: Death, Shadow information: Pain, and Dispersion. SW:D and SW:P are two of the most important spells in your arsenal, so it’s important for you to have them. Dispersion adds some much needed survivability and mana regen when you get it, so definitely, glyph it. Major glyphs you want to choose are Spirit Tap, Psychic Scream, and Psychic Horror. Spirit Tap is absolutely necessary for your mana regen, especially at lower levels. This should be your first major glyph. Psychic Scream and Psychic Horror are excellent survivability options. Minor Glyphs you can equip are Levitate, Fortitude, and Shadowfiend. The first one is mostly for convenience. I hate carrying reagents. With a Passion. Fortitude cuts down on mana usage considerably, and Shadowfiend restores some mana if it dies. Who doesn’t like more mana? Overall, these glyphs contribute to a large part of your Shadow Priest Leveling Build.

Gearing for your Shadow Priest Leveling Build

One thing that can set you back while leveling your Shadow Priest is gearing improperly. You can only use cloth, and it’s all caster gear. However, not all stats are produced equally. You want a weapon with high spellpower. That’s a no-brainer for any caster class. However, you need to stack your stats appropriately. Intellect is definitely number one for any caster class. However, Spirit is one of the most important secondary stats. This is typically a healer statistic, but for the Shadow Priest, it contributes to mana regen in addition as hit rating. Stack this just after Intellect. It’s a secondary stat, so it shouldn’t conflict with Intellect. Once you are hit capped by spirit, Haste is the next important secondary stat for you. Your DoT’s tick faster and your Global Cooldowns are reduced, meaning you can push out more damage, and make bigger pulls. Crit is nice too, but ranks just under haste for usefulness. Don’t reforge to crit unless you are spilling over the hit cap.

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