Ringing in Your Day With These Wedding Bells Theme Ideas

Ringing in Your Day With These Wedding Bells Theme Ideas

The symbolic meaning and lovely simplicity of wedding bells has couples choosing this theme more and more these days.

Wedding bells symbolize love and a new life. Back in the 50s and early 60s there were a number of hit songs written about wedding bells.

Often wedding bells are rung after the ceremony as the associate walk back down the aisle to celebrate the beginning of a new life together.

This is why you might want to use wedding bells as your theme for that day of days.

A number of your larger most popular craft stores characterize an assortment of wedding bells in plastic, metal and glass.

An excellent place to shop for wedding bells is online. Places to check in particular are eBay and Oriental Trading Co., but do your own search as there are others that you can find if you take the time to look around.

Plastic bells today are beautifully made and used in your decor can look very elegant.

Start with pre-ceremony music played by a group of bell ringers.They can be hired and play lovely songs just for your wedding. It gives the simple in addition warm feeling you will like to start the day.

Use shimmering lengths of tulle draped over the ends of each pew.The top is then accented with tulle pew bows, small white silk flowers and a lovely paper wedding bell.

At the wedding reception a bell decorated arch can be placed at the entrance for guests to walk by as they go into. Decorate the arch with theme colored tulle draped and tied with tulle bows and wedding bells.


1. A simply and uncommon wedding table centerpiece is to buy inexpensive large bowl wine glasses that feel strong at your local dollar or discount store. Buy as many glasses as you need for the tables you will have.

Buy silk flowers that match your colors and you will only be using the bloom itself. Lastly, buy votives and votive candle holders.

Now this is what you do to make the centerpiece:
Take the silk flower and cut the stem at the blossom so you only have the blossom. Place the candles in the holders. Turn the wine glass over, place the blossom underneath the bowl. Put the votive holder on the wine glass base and when the time comes light the candle.

Make sure the base is flat and the votive holder sits comfortably on it.

If you can get small wedding bells position them attractively around the glass or tie them to the stem where it meets the bowl.

2. Calla lilies have a lovely bell shape and make a great centerpiece. Just position them in a tall clear vase and tie tulle around the vase with a pretty bow.
Place it on a reflective mirror for additional elegance.

Bell Wedding Favors and Place Card Holders

1. Take a silver wedding bell do the work of two things. They have really lovely silver bells you can buy that are meant to be place card holders. They are inexpensive when you get them in bulk. After the reception the guests can take them home as favors.

Don’t forget to have someone instruct all guests to ring them in unison as you two leave. It is a wonderful way of wishing the associate a good life and wonderful time together.

Wedding Bell Favors

1. You can buy buttermint bell shaped candy and put several in a favor box and finish it off by tying it with personalized ribbon.

2. Buy bell shaped candles and if you tie a ribbon around it with your guest’s name on it then you have your place card, too.

Tissue Paper Accordion Bells

1. The tissue paper accordion wedding bells are really quite lovely when you use them as decorations. They are really beautifully made these days and so versatile. You can find them at your local craft stores and on the internet and in quite a few different colors, too.

2. Tie two together with a pretty ribbon and bow and use them hanging from the ceiling of your reception area, at the corners of your head table with swags of tulle draped in between and the cake table in the same way. Really your imagination is your limit on how they can be used inexpensively and look terrific.

Carry on this theme when choosing napkins and place cards and guest book.

This romantic theme makes for a beautiful wedding cake or already cup cakes if that be your chose

I hope these wedding bells theme ideas help you as you plan your special wedding day. I know that it will ring in your hearts and that of your guests.

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