Rhyming Love Poems – Follow St Valentine’s Advice!


Writing love poems can be a pretty difficult task for most of us but trying to create rhyming love poems can prove to be an already bigger headache. If you have tried to make love rhyme, you know how demanding and stressful this assignment can be.

Fortunately for me, I live in the south France not more than five minutes from the church where St Valentine’s relics are treasured. I get the idea, being a little psychic, to ask advice to St Valentines himself for all desperate lovers in the world who struggle to get inspiration for their short rhyming love poems.

I submitted the request silently, in a meditative state. Here is the romantic saying I heard:


If the end surprises you, I ask you to ingemination the mystical poet from Persia Hafiz that said “Divine Love is like wine”. He uses a beautiful metaphor asking “the tavern keeper (The Divine Beloved) to fill his glass (his heart) with his wine. (His Love)” In that perspective, for our short rhyming love poem, we can follow St. Valentine’s advice.

The legend of Valentines Loving Red Wine

I challenge you to another interpretation of his romantic saying above. After all, Legend can be written every day. Throughout history, some took this privilege without asking permission, at the minimum, I ask you today!

Here, I can’t help but to remind you that one legend you can write a day without asking permission is your own legend!

But Right now, the legend I ‘am pleased to spread is that of St Valentine, drinking red wine to stay vigorous and healthy! Why? Because I assume St Valentines of Terni, Italy, was born physically healthy since “Valentines” comes from the Roman “Valens”: “strong, vigorous, healthy”… and just because “Valentinus” and “vinicius” (from the Latin “Vinum”, wine) are rhyming so well.

But mostly because Valentines, protector of lovers deserves a short rhyming love poem in memory of his protection on our vineyards!. Indeed, Very few know that St Valentine relics were purchased in 1868 to save French vineyards from the “Ugly beast”. A disease propagated by the aphid called “Phylloxera vastatrix”; as pointed by its name, an ecological and economical disaster brought on by importing some grape wines from America.

But better than a love poem, the gratefulness of the winegrowers expresses here every St Valentine week-end with a French kiss and lovers festival along with a wine pruning celebration.

As a conclusion, I would like to offer a Latin quote that I have heard since my childhood In Vino, Veritas “In wine lies the truth”. : We all noticed how talkative we are after some glass of wine. The mind filters if off and slowly our Heart is “On” allowing us and others around to hear the truth of our feelings. I agree with valentines:

“Love is Divine so as Wine”, if you’re in without of inspiration, use wisely the help of Wine and authentic words of love will sparkle your short rhyming love poems.

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