Radio presenter Ciara Kelly proves she has Covid for the second time

Radio presenter Ciara Kelly has confirmed she has contracted Covid-19 for the second time, after first having the virus in March 2020.

The Newstalk presenter announced the news in a video on social media, saying that she will be forced to sit out on her 100 Days of Walking challenge, just nine days in, as she self-isolates.

“I woke up this morning not feeling very well, bit of a sore throat and burney eyes and a bit of a hacking cough,” Ms Kelly said in the video.

“clearly in the middle of a pandemic… did my antigen test,” she additional.

“Never mind your 15 minutes, half a second after I did it, the line was stronger than the other line, so I have Covid.

“I have, like half a million of you, gotten the Omicron variant, and for the second time in 100 days of walking in two years, I have to stand down. I’m not allowed go for a walk anyway.”

Ms Kelly said that her colleague Shane Coleman will continue the challenge for her during her isolation.

She was one of the first well-known figures in Ireland to contract the virus when the pandemic began almost two years ago.

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