Psychic Websites – The #1 Super Sneaky Fact Most Online sets Don’t Want You To Know!

Psychic Websites – The #1 Super Sneaky Fact Most Online sets Don’t Want You To Know!

What is the biggest secret in the specialized psychic reading industry? Do you want to know what many of the biggest psychic sets, hotlines and online networks do not want you to know? After 20 years of readings, writing and research both PEROSNALLY and professionally alike…..I’ve learned some pretty shocking things about specialized psychics, and the networks that excursion them. Continue reading and I’ll proportion with you what you really SHOULD know before you call, or visit a specialized intuitive…..on the web or off.

The BIG Secret is this…….

Only about 10%, or already LESS…..of the psychics working for the major networks are gifted at all. Most average well. Many are VERY nice people. But the actual PERCENTAGE of authentic psychic ability is very small.

How do I know?

Other than my OWN readings which have proven this to me on a personal level, there is truly a very low threshold for “proving” your psychic abilities to many of the most popular networks. For example…….MANY have no application approval course of action. There is NO test. There is NO authentication course of action. They simply accept those who apply…contingent on how many new “bodies” they need to man the phones.

Sounds pretty shocking, doesn’t it?

I agree. And that doesn’t average that many of these people aren’t helpful, caring, complete of empathy or already offer good advice! Many do. But…..for example, my hairstylist offers GREAT advice too….but that doesn’t’ average she can get a job as a psychiatrist, right? Qualifications COUNT in my opinion, and if I call a psychic service, I truly want to make sure they are what they say they are.

The Secret to getting a REAL psychic on the phone?

Do your due diligence. Make sure the sets you hire ONLY use genuine intuitive’s….or what measures they take to weed out those who aren’t. For example, the service that I use and recommend ONLY accepts a FRACTION of the intuitive’s that apply (About 5 or 6 percent) and requires EVERYONE fill out an extension application before they are hired to illuminate, illustrate and DEMONSTRATE psychic ability. This should be the baseline for ALL networks……but unfortunately, as of today, it SADLY isn’t!

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