Prayer – 10 Tips To Cure The Prayerlessness Disease

Prayer – 10 Tips To Cure The Prayerlessness Disease

The strength of prayer is there for those that are willing to truly include in praying. All the books, teachings, exhortations on prayer will not make a difference to you if you are not willing to put in the minutes or hours depending on how much time you use with God. Busyness is the number one enemy to prayer and it kills a people who will not prioritize prayer.

I clarify and proportion ten tips on how you can rid yourself of the disease of being “prayer – less”.

1. The without of prayer is the number one killer of Christians all over the world, and like a cancer it destroys while the victim carries as normal and they don’t already know it. I have come to announce to you that no doctor can cure it. Get into the prayer closet and begin to commune with God and you will be alright.
2. without of prayer results in spiritual dryness, that is, you are no longer spiritually alert and active. You are operating in the flesh. The Lord Jesus admonishes his disciples and challenges them on praying for at the minimum one hour with Him.
3. The best form of defence is attack. If you do not attack things that trouble you and address them in the spiritual vicinity they will attack you and address you. Begin to sort out your life in the prayer room first earnestly seeking God’s confront.
4. If the Son Of God needed to pray every day, how much more do we need that consistency in prayer? Prayer is recognizing that I can’t make it without God, consequently I must pray without seizing.
5. The man or woman who prays in tongues will edify himself and grow. I make a strong suggestion that you desire to speak in tongues from today and see your life turnaround.
6. The reason why you keep falling every time you get up is because you are trying to sit on a three – legged stool, and these legs are prayer, the information of God and fellowship. Each time one of these things is missing you fall into sin and end up backsliding.
7. The authority and the strength of the believer is in prayer. It is when he shows up in the presence of God that he receives instructions and revelation on the things of God.
8. a lot of people know the information very well and minister and serve very well, but their prayers are token prayers. They do not get answers to their prayers and become discouraged and decide not to pray at all. I am not discouraged because I realize that prayer is the route to my fruit.
9. Pray when you don’t feel like it and I guarantee you that the more you do it is the more you’ll feel like doing it. You will depend so much on prayer that you can’t live without it.
10.We are living in an age where people are more interested in following signs and wonders and “naming it and claiming it ” without being backed up by the strength of God that only comes by having an intimate relationship with Jehovah God. Only the few who are concentrated on spending uncommon time in prayer will be endowed with the presence of God that so many are searching for in the wrong places.

Begin to pray according to the pattern of God and experience magnificent and amazing change in your life.

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