Plumbing and Heating Renovations – Is There Only One kind of Plastic Pipe?

Plumbing and Heating Renovations – Is There Only One kind of Plastic Pipe?

As a home handyman or self stated non-specialized plumber renovation project manager it is both good and wise to have both an understanding and basic appreciation of the different kind of plastic pipes obtainable for home Reno and upgrade / repair projects. After all there are different types of plastic pipes, best for different uses and projects not just one variety and format of materials. Plastic pipe is not just “plastic pipe”.

There are several types of plastic pipes in shared use and usages today for various in addition as varied home plumbing applications. CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) pipe is stiff and used for both hot and cold water dispensing systems and setups. PB (polybutylene) pipe is a newer form of plastic pipe, highly flexible tubing for the same purpose and purposes as CPVC piping in addition as for water supply lines. One form of stiff PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe is made exclusively and expressly for water supply lines, another for DWV systems and a third kind however made for sewer and underground drainage systems. It is also used for cold water dispensing and drainage traps and their assorted parts. stiff ABS (acyrlonitrile-butadiene styrene) pipe is made for the same applications as PVC pipe, except for water supply or dispensing uses.

Perhaps overall the most widely used and popular plastics pipe for water supply lines, lawn sprinklers and irrigation purposes is PE (Polyethylene) pipe, which is flexible and obtainable in several grades. SR (Styrene Rubber) pipe is used chiefly for underground drainage systems while PP ( polypropylene) pipe is obtainable in plumbing fixture traps, tailpieces, trap extensions and their associated parts, and is by far the best choice for new or substitute gear of this character. Both SR and PP are stiff types of pipe.

All of these types of plastic pipe can be used in new installations, additions to existing systems made up of metallic piping, or for repair work, because adapters are obtainable to allow you to connect to just about any kind of pipe to just about any other kind of pipe or plumbing / heating materials that you will come across and encounter in your work, upgrades or renovations.

Lastly it never hurts to check and verify your local plumbing code carefully. Ensure that your local building and safety codes do not prevent plastic pipe or the specific variety of plastic pipes and tubing that you have chosen or decided upon before beginning your construction or Reno project. If so then you may request a variance from the regulatory and building inspection authorities in your local area.

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