Photo Blanket – How To Tell The Difference Between An Afghan And Tapes…


It started with that special moment captured in a picture. Then an event came up and you need to give a gift. Not a gift card, but something special that would be cherished. You’d seen photo blankets before, and you were intrigued by the idea of creating a gift that was rare. After all, what is better than a personalized inspiring gift?

The act of giving says more than words ever could.

That’s why it is often difficult to select a gift for that special friend, loved one or family member. I’ve made a study of the matter and found that there is a solution to the challenge that is more than a gift; it is truly a keepsake with the quality and durability to last a lifetime. I’m going to proportion the results of my research with you. But please, read on only if you care that the gift be special, personalized, noticable, and you are willing to use a few minutes adding your distinguishing touch to it.

It starts with that special moment.

A wise person once said “a picture says a thousand words”. You know you captured the essence of that moment in a photo. Your picture is your own artwork. I found a way for you to transform your favorite photos, drawings, or artwork into timeless gifts; and a service on line where artisans stand ready to help you create an affordable masterpiece.

The source of distinctive gifts.

A hand painted tapestry is a talent lost in time. But when your photo is woven into a tapestry, it becomes a special memory. Personalized woven throw blankets, pillows, personalized throw blankets, photo towels and a large number of other craftsman quality picture gifts are produced every day. First decide if your art is going to be transformed into something functional or a keepsake. My choice for keepsakes is either afghan’s or tapestries.

What’s the difference between an afghan and a tapestry photo blanket and which kind of photos look best on each?

An afghan is woven using a slightly heavier yarn than a tapestry throw and is limited to two colors so they are best suited for re-creating a picture in two colors typically black and white or sepia tone. A tapestry photo blanket, however, is woven using six to eight colors of a thinner yarn, which are combined to precisely re-create the vivid colors in your photo. The thinner yarn creates a tighter weave which allows for more detail and picture clarity.

So how do you decide if you’ve come to the right place?

There is an art to creating a gift like this. I would be sure to check out the 5 definite differences between the right place and the rest of the pack.

1. Do artisans produce the work or does a computer?

As when it comes to color, skin tones and composition, noting beats the human touch.

2. Does the design team have experience?

You always prefer to go to the experienced doctor, dress maker, and photo weaver for excellent quality work.

3. Will you image be reviewed and the yarns chosen by hand or will a machjine do that?

Nothing can substitute the seasoned eye of a true craftsman who reviews your images to determine the best way to combine the colored yarn that will ultimately be woven into the picture on blanket or throw.

4. Is quality yarn used in your blanket? How many stitches per inch?

It’s a well known fact that the best yarn comes from Darwin, Minnesota, in the good old USA. Plus, the more yarn used per keepsake, the heavier, more lasting, sharper and vivid the image will appear.

Imagine the joy. Picture the excitement. Feel the hug.

That’s what the perfect personalized gift does for you and the recipient and I wanted to proportion my findings with you on photo blankets.

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