PgMP Exam Preparation – Case Study of a Program

The Program Management specialized (PgMP) exam consists mostly of situational questions that require an exam taker to understand program management concepts in thoroughness. When studying for the exam, using association techniques such as case studies and examples contributes understanding and memory retention both of which are imperative to passing the PgMP exam. The case study described below aims to assist exam takers in their study.

Case Study:

XYZ Inc is an Information Communications Technology company specializing in Software Development. XYZ Inc has over 2000 staff, mainly software designers and developers, 2 data centers and 6 regional offices. Senior management at XYZ Inc has empowered a Green IT program which involves moving Aurora Inc toward energy efficiency.

Program Title: XYZ Green IT

Program Goal: To increase energy efficiency by 20% within 2012 and comply to carbon emission targets of the country in which XYZ Inc operates. XYZ Inc expects to realize its energy efficiency targets by reducing strength consumption, improving waste management, and improving work processes

Definition of a Program: A Program is defined as a group of related projects managed in a coordinated manner

Projects that make up the XYZ Green IT program:

  1. Reduce strength consumption of data centers
  2. enhance building facilities (lighting, Air-condition etc.,)
  3. virtualization of work processes
  4. Better recycling and waste management

Details of the Projects:

Project 1:

Data Center strength Consumption

Data center electricity usage contributes to 30% of total strength consumption at XYZ Inc. A data center is a physical location with servers to great number, course of action and spread all information. These servers need electricity 24/7 to run without interruption. The physical location also needs continued electricity for the air-conditioning to cool the servers

The project involves replacing the current servers with new energy efficient servers that consume lesser electricity and redesigning the layout of the data center to enhance cooling capabilities

Project 2:

Office Building Facilities

Office buildings electricity usage contributes to 50% of total strength consumption at XYZ Inc. Buildings are major sites for electricity consumption. Energy is wasted in building due to poor planning and design. Lighting, air conditioning, hardware (PC’s desktops, printers), elevators etc, are built for complete capacity usage. The project involves implementing occupancy based lighting, maximum use of daylight, automatic stand-by for hardware

Project 3:


A major portion of XYZ Inc’s operating costs include business travel, training and office space. The project involves implementing telecommuting and virtual options for conducting meetings, trainings and conferences. Work from home options are expected to reduce travel and thereby reduce carbon emissions. Conducting trainings, meetings and workshops by far away online technologies is expected to reduce logistics associated with physical movement of people and goods.

Project 4:

Recycling & Waste Management

A major portion of XYZ Inc’s used material is disposed by inefficient processes. The project involves creating a paperless office and replacing carbon physical products with environmental friendly alternatives. The project also involves increasing the life span of purchased products thereby reducing the amount of disposed end of life products


Program management concepts can be best understood by a case study like above. Most of the concepts stated in the Program Management Standard can be understood by this case study. All training conducted uses a case study based approach to illustrate and explain meaningful concepts.

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