Patti LaBelle: Singer, Songwriter, Author and Actress Plus Character T…

Patti LaBelle: Singer, Songwriter, Author and Actress Plus Character T…

Patti LaBelle has many awards and attributes that credit her as a true mythical singer in the music world.

Her 50 year career as a singer has covering music with over 50 million record sales and as a noted actress in stage and screen productions that she has appeared in. She is a published author with her autobiography “Don’t Block The Blessings” and several cook books.

As a child when she was 10 she joined the choir at church and at 12 sang her first solo at the Beulah Baptist Church. It was during these early years that people noticed she was gifted as a singer,

The different Groups that she was a part of early on were the Ordettes in 59 who became The Blubelles in 61 and LaBelle in 1970.

In 1974 LaBelle’s album Nightbirds caught on. The first single off the album was “Lady Marmalade”, a disco-song and it became their first No.1 hit in 12 years. In 1976 Labelle, as a group broke up.

Patti then became a Solo Artist in 1977 and her career started to pick up steam in the 80’s. In 1982 she recorded a ballad titled “The Best is however To Come” which charted at No. 14 on the R&B list and earned her a Grammy nomination. In 1983 she released another hit with “I’m In Love Again” In 1984 she had her first number one R&B hit “If Only You Knew.”

Some of Patti’s songs that I really like are “On My Own” a song that she sang with Michael McDonald and had a No.1 hit with it. Other hits during the 80’s that I really liked were “Stir It Up”, “If You Asked Me To”, “Flame” and “When You’ve Been Blessed.”

In 1991 she received her first Grammy award for her album “Burnin” and in 1998 her second Grammy for her album Live! One Night Only. Among Patti’s numerous awards she has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, She has been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Apollo Hall of Fame and the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame. Rolling Stone lists her on its 100 Greatest Singers List.

Beyond all this there are things that speak to her character which are just as important as all her awards.

In 1969 Patti married Armstead Edwards. In 1973 they both wanted a child of their own and decided that already though juggling her career and parenthood could be quite a task it was worth it. They knew that the child would be given much love from them since it was their sincere wish to have him. In July of 1973 their first and only child, little Zuri Edwards came into the world.

There were other acts of kindness by Patti and Armstead that showed their character when something needed it. In the late 70’s they adopted two teenage boys who lived next door when the boys lost their mother who died of cancer.

In 1989, Patti’s youngest sister, Jackie Padgett died of lung cancer. Following her death, Patti and Armstead raised Jackie’s teenage children. Patti dedicated her 1991 album “Burnin” to her sister and filmed a video for “If You Asked Me To” the day after the funeral.

And so now, we have seen both sides of Patti’s story. Personally I can truly say that it’s a shame that there isn’t an award for good character except talking about it in the written information.

My most fervent hope is that you will come away happier from reading about this mythical lady singer’s good deeds and awesome career.

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