Opposite Values Are Complimentary

Opposite Values Are Complimentary

Look again at the title of this article.

Those 4 words could help you change your life. Are you happy now? Do you use all of your days happy? If yes, then you are a master of this life, but if the answer is no, then you may have some work to do.

There are a lot of things in this life that can make us unhappy. But in the end, the thing we forget is that the strength to be happy or be unhappy comes from within. Blaming our moods on the things that are outside of us is an excuse. It is our on mental state that matters more than anything external in our life.

One of the surest ways to have an unhappy mental state is to resist reality. If you are sitting there thinking I like this, but I don’t like that, then you are probably not feeling happy in that moment. So, how can you stop resisting reality? How can you find the peace to accept the moment as it is? Well one thing you can do is to realize that opposite values are complimentary.

We have been taught to think that good is the opposite of evil, love is the opposite of hate, allurement and aversion, heck hot and cold, or up and down. Imagine if you felt about down the way you feel about evil. You would be paralyzed. You would climb up some stairs, and never go down again! But we don’t do that, because we know that you can’t have up without down in a stairs.

Well, you can’t have good without evil either. And you can’t have like without dislike, and you can’t have fun without boredom.

Could you? I average, if I am wrong, let me know. Children think that they can. If everyday was a birthday or Christmas, they are sure they would be so happy. But as adults, we know this would not work. You would get bored of the most exciting thing in the world if you did it all the time.

So knowing this, when we are bored, we don’t need to resist it in our minds. Ok, now I am bored, so what, I have to be bored sometimes, or I would never be excited.

We do this in our relationships too. When you first meet someone you are attracted to, you think that everything about them is great. But know, this will change over time.

“He is so calm, I feel so safe with him.” will become “He is so boring I could scream.”

“She is so exciting” becomes “she is so unreliable.”

I’m not saying don’t love anyone, I’m not saying don’t get excited. I’m saying know that when the quality you don’t like comes up, accept it. Be OK with it, know that you are beyond these opposites, that the world is the interplay of things that seem like opposites, but are as intertwined as up and down, and be happy no matter which end of the staircase you are on.

You know that you need clarity to move forward in your life. Especially in hard times, life can be a swirling ball of confusion. Living your life and examining you life can be impossible, like trying to lift yourself up by your own shoelaces. When times are tough, you need someone else to lift you up.

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