Numerology – Understanding the roles of Numerology

Numerology – Understanding the roles of Numerology

The metaphysical study of numbers that helps a person understand meaningful personal characteristics and determine meaningful moments for life decisions is called numerology. Numerologists, like psychics, take the information from a person’s name and birth date to interpret the meanings of those items. However, in the case of numerology, the actual numeric totals of a name and birthday are the basic players, instead of just the date itself.

In some ways, numerology is the most straightforward of all the psychic arts. Calculating the value totals of names and birthdays is direct and simple. However, learning about yourself and applying what you learn by the roles of numerology, nevertheless requires an openness to change, self-awareness and personal giftings that some find difficult to pursue.

The basic Numbers

The numerology charts utilize only the single digit numbers one by nine, plus 11 and 22, which are considered the two Master Numbers. The master numbers strengthen the characteristics of their single digit complements (2 and 4, respectively). The master numbers can indicate a higher degree of learning or skill in the characteristic areas, particularly under stress.

There are several kinds of numbers that numerologists use in a person’s reading to help unfold his possible.

The Lifepath number is the sum total of your birth date, which describes the overall characteristics of your personality and direction in life.

The Destiny number is the numeric total corresponding to the letters of your complete, given name. It describes your responsibilities or life achievements as opportunities to reach your individual possible.

The Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire number is your internal values and deepest desires. This is derived from the numerical total of only the vowels of your complete given birth name.

The Inner Dreams number by corollary is the sum total of the consonants of your complete given name, representing your fantasies or secret dreams. However, it is also connected with the first impressions people have of your personality.

The Birthday Number adds sustain to the Lifepath qualities, perhaps modifying, clarifying or expanding on some of the Lifepath traits your Lifepath number discloses. The birthday number is simply the day of the month on which you were born, with no reductions or calculations.

Additional roles of Numerology Readings

Numerologists can add layers of understanding to these chief numbers with also discussing whole regular segments of a person’s life or the cycles associated with certain birth and lifepath numbers. Since humans are often creatures of seasons and habits, recognizing the repeating patterns of an individual’s life and personality traits is useful for directing transitions, major decisions and changes in life in addition.

Numerology readings are often used to help couples choose a name for a child, to seek guidance on mates that are good matches, or to determine career options. In addition to that, a skilled numerologist can use a reading to recommend good times in a person’s lifepath or life period cycle to make major changes, geographic moves, job transitions or plan meaningful events like marriage. The roles of numerology vary according to each person, just as the numeric characteristics are rare to each definite individual.

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