Nokia N86 8MP Black – Pure Elegance at Your Fingertips


The Nokia N86 8MP Black is a 3G mobile phone that comes with a two way operating slider, that enables the user to access the different features of the handset both ways.

Here are the different characteristics of this handset:
It runs under Symbian Operating System complete with S60 Software. It comes with a phonebook that can save nearly unlimited number of contacts. Users would also be able to enjoy the different call features of the mobile phone which include the call waiting, call keep up, call divert and conference call that can sustain up to six contacts. It also has a speed dialling characterize and a hands free speaker phone, which can be used by users for hands free calls. The Nokia N86 8MP Black also comes with an A GPS navigation tool which supports Nokia Maps with compass, that can provide its users with detailed instructions on how to get to a specific place without getting lost. This handset also comes with an eight mega pixel camera that comes with great photo and video features such as twenty times digital speed and auto flash and self timer. With all the different features of the camera, users would definitely be able to capture excellent quality pictures and videos. This mobile phone also comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and USB connectivity for users to be able to proportion files to compatible devices. The Nokia N86 8MP Black also has pre downloaded games that users would definitely enjoy. It also has a dedicated game meaningful for users to much easily navigate by the games. It also has a built in music player with equaliser and play lists for users to enjoy listening to different types of music. It also has a built in FM radio for users to listen to different stations and be updated with the latest music news. This handset also comes with eight gigabytes of internal memory, and users could nevertheless add additional memory storage via the expandable memory card slot.

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