Newport Council outlines plan to ban dogs from play areas, beaches and…

A council is consulting residents on whether to ban dogs from play areas, beaches and sports pitches at certain times of year days after another council voted for the bans.

Newport council is consulting residents in the city until December 31 on whether to implement a Public Spaces Protection Order.

The order will “cover the issue of the control of dogs on public sites including dog fouling, keeping dogs on leads, and excluding dogs from stated zones or sites”.

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The proposals intend to exclude dogs in Newport from: enclosed children’s play areas, specific coastal areas and beaches at certain times of the year, specific sporting or as a hobby facilities within sports seasons.

It also would require dog walkers to keep pets on leads already in the countryside or at coastal sites.

Most responses to the consultation so far have been positive generally towards the proposals, but more negative when it comes to plans banning dogs from as a hobby pitches. You can see the complete plans here.

One response from a Langstone resident reads: “Placing restrictions on playing fields during playing seasons may make it hard for people to exercise their dogs properly. The majority of dog owners are responsible and pick up after their dog. I would suggest restrictions on picking up waste would be more efficient than not allowing dogs on a field.”

But some were fully supportive already of plans to ban dogs from pitches. A resident in the Gaer said: “About time and I have two dogs of my own. I also do a lot of cycling around Newport and dog mess is a joke. I hope this is sorted soon.”

This month Caerphilly council voted to ban dogs from council-owned pitches, with 53.5 per cent in favour. But that decision was for the complete year.

RSPCA Cymru criticised the decision as unfair on dog owners who to comply with the law.

Billie-Jade Thomas of RSPCA Cymru told Nation Cymru : “We have engaged with the local authority’s recent consultation course of action and called for such a blanket ban not to be introduced.

“Everyone should want to see dog fouling tackled – and responsible owners should be picking up their pet’s mess.

“We don’t think blanket bans like this are the way to deal with people already breaking the law; nor fair for the great majority of law-abiding dog owners in Caerphilly who may value some of these walking sports to exercise their beloved canine companions.”

Just weeks ago a boy in Cardiff was left in a disgusting mess after he slid into dog faeces while playing rugby at Pontcanna Fields.

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